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A Peek into an Introvert’s Life

An introvert’s life is not easy.

They are quiet, but not timid.

Less active but not unsmart.

But there’s one thing that introverts have to deal with in their daily lives. Misunderstanding

It’s a horrible thing for those who have experienced it first hand. They try to say and mean something, but is understood as something else entirely.
 It’s even worse if they don’t say anything at all. Then they are labelled conservative, boring, uncool and personality-less and even dumb!

Just because he/she is quiet, it doesn’t mean that he is not interested in anything or he’s not participating at all.

Sometime an introvert’s contribution is turned a blind eye to.

Why talk about only contribution? 

Their presence itself is not acknowledged at times. As if they are totally invisible. People see right through them, but never into them.
Sometimes even when they try to talk, they are immediately overshadowed by the ones who can speak louder

Some teachers like introverts because they are all nice and quiet. But don’t be mistaken, some hold grudges against them. Why you ask?

Because some teachers don’t consider students to be meritorious or attentive if they don’t speak up in class. No offence to the teachers here ’cause there are indeed some lovely teachers who are always a constant support to all the students equally without any bias or partiality. We must take our hats off for them.

Coming back to the introverts again, they are often mistreated and taken for granted. That is something they have to deal with everyday. Since they don’t speak much, nobody really cares what he/she thinks or if they’d be hurt when mistreated. That is the thing, nobody cares.

An introvert can turn out to be even more outgoing than an extrovert if you catch him/ her with people they are comfortable with. And there are many who harbour special (by which I mean very special) hidden talents. They only need the time, space and support to open up because they are reserved
So don’t be all judgy. And just as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. ‘Cause appearences can be deceptive. 

Now to be clear, this post is not about grievances, complaints or ramblings.

This post is for throwing some light over the lives of introverts who kind of have to struggle everyday for the littlest of things because they often get misunderstood

Introversion is not a disease, being an introvert is not a crime. It is NATURAL and NORMAL. And they are in no way weak! So don’t ever ask a quiet person to change himself/herself. 
Try and be a little understanding because it really hurts when people treat you like you’re not even there. As if your presence doesn’t matter at all, only because you’re soft spoken. You probably won’t ever know how an introvert feels ( of course only if you’re not yourself an introvert, bleh), when people misbehave or look down upon him/her. Not all introverts are sensitive though, they always seek a little warmth from the people around them.

Be a little friendly. Not only towards introverts, but also towards everyone else. Because a little friendship doesn’t hurt, does it? 

Introverts remain quiet but they cherish friendships extremely. If you are friends with an introvert, probably you already know how caring and loving they are towards the people they are close with.
Be a little considerate, friendly, and understanding.

Stay happy and make others happy. Spread love! ♥♥♥♥

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We breathe the same air, bask under the same magnificent Sun, and bleed red…

And, we all even poop the same as well (no offence! ).

I’m an ardent believer of Equality and Universal Brotherwood, have always been, and will always be…

Whatcha say? ^_^

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The Power of a Lie

Exploring a new perspective! 🙂


It embraces me like the warmth of a cup of tea,

Staying by my side everytime I stagger;

Like that monsoon rain touching the Earth aching with a raspy pleasure,

It holds my hand as the intergalactic wind threatens my puny existence; 

A Lie never breaks, as it crawls its way into lives,

The messiah of mankind!

The friend of a poor father’s soul,

As he lulls his little one to slumber,

And speaks of gold and riches,

A future he seeks, a future dipped in the hues of his dreams;

An old mother’s close companion, 

As she sits near the door, waiting with her impatient eyes,

For the ones she holds dear, for the ones she calls her life;

They paint the world red with truth, a colour they say can ever fade away,

But a Lie seeps out right through, a friend that never disappears;

A protector, a peer, the saviour of a hundred tears,

Its shield’s like titanium, barring the stench of Reality from plaguing a thousands wishes.

Copyright © Thegirlonthego08 2017

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Wrote another Story! 

So I wrote another short story and posted it on Sweek! 

Now I know one needs to have a sweek account to read all the stories there, so I won’t force anyone to do so. But if you lovely people still wish to give my creation a read, I would be so so grateful! Like, seriously! 🙂

I would really appreciate some feedback, be it positive or negative. Just honest feedback is all I need. 
But then again, no pressure folks! 😀
And even y’all can post your stories/poems or any writeup there. It’s a blooming platform! 

So here’s the link :

The story name is PRESAGE. I think the title is a giveaway. You can definitely guess the theme already 😛

Here’s the cover :

My username there is Sweek Girl.

To all those wonderful people, who gives it a read, or even gives reading it a thought, thank you in advance! ^_^

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Everybody Has A Love Story (Part 2)





I knew I was daydreaming of course. It was highly unlikely for somebody like him to ever like somebody as clumsy as I am. But a girl’s gotta wish what a girls’s gotta wish.

My grades weren’t so good. Okay, may be that’s an understatement. My grades were pathetic. So imagine my embarrassment everytime the exam marks were displayed up on the soft board right outside of our class room. 

I desperately wished Lee does not notice that, but he did. He was my senior and also our school president. So it was his duty to go on rounds to check the academic performance of the students. 

I dreaded this fact as I was way below down the list. But somehow, it worked as a blessing in disguise. I got a call from him oneday.
“June Parker?”, a boy from his class peeked into our classroom and called for me.

I raised my hand warily, unable to fathom why in the world would a boy come looking for me. He noticed the movement as he turned his head towards my direction and called me outside.

“What is it?”, I asked, my head steeped in confusion.

Oh my God! Did Lee send him by any chance? Does he know how I feel about him? Is he here to warn me or something? What should I do?

“The President sent me. This is for you”, he handed me a white ruled sheet.

I noticed how he referred to Lee as ‘the President’. The boys respected him like he was actually the President of the Country. That was really creepy.

“What is this? A routine?”, I said after reading the paper thoroughly.

“Yes. Your after-school routine. From today itself, you are to follow the timetable and sit with the others at room number 18 everyday after school. The President is determined to improve all of your marks by the next terminal exam. So be ready”, he explained and left without even getting my confirmation. But then I don’t think I had any choice. 

Classes after school weren’t really my thing ’cause that sounded a lot like detention. But when I heard Lee would be there, I didn’t care about that anymore. 

The day passed by sluggishly until it was finally time for the extra classes. I had never waited so impatiently for anything in my life before, let alone classes. 

As I reached room number 18 as instructed, which was on the top most floor, I found only five other students. The boy from earlier, who handed me the routine and four others from my class but different sections.
 To be honest, I was pretty depressed by the fact that I belonged to the group of a very few with the lowest scores. I wasn’t sure anymore if I was happy with the idea of Lee seeing me in such a degraded position. 

The guy handed us booklets which had our next term course and syllabus and a copy of Lee’s hand written notes.
Lee’s hand writing was nothing less than an automated calligraphy. It was pretty hard to believe that a living body of flesh and blood could write in a style which was unbelievably beautiful and difficult to the laymen. 

“I have handed you all everything you needed. It’s the President’s instruction that you go through the syllabus and write down the parts where you have any difficulty in a blank sheet “, said the guy. He was quite good looking, I realised and looked a little older than his age.

“Yeah, but where’s the president? Isn’t he supposed to be here?”, said a girl sitting right behind me. 

The guy frowned.

 “That’s not necessary. He has asked me to coordinate the classes”, he replied coldly.

“Damn. I’m outta here then”, she banged her desk wildly and stood up to leave. 

“Really? Okay, do what you want to. But don’t forget all this will get reported”, he said, looking at her straight in the eye.

“Are you trying to scare me or something? You are Travis, right? Do you know how much I scored last term? I bet you have got no idea”, she replied as she hung her backpack around her shoulder with an air of pride. 

I craned my neck to get a better look at her. She was very thin, but she had a toned skin, silky straight hair, and a beautiful pair of eyes. Her nails were perfectly manicured with matté purple nail polish and her wrists and neck were adorned with all kinds of exotic accessories. Her lips were lightly smeared with a shade of nude pink. I didn’t know if that was even allowed in school. 

 It looked like any guy would easily fall for her.

“I know everything Miss Julia. But may be you have forgotten what you scored this semester?”, replied Travis, as his lips curved with the hint of a smirk.

Julia opened her mouth in protest but Travis spoke again.

“If you want to leave, do it already. We don’t have time to succumb to your whims now. Show yourself out, Miss Julia”, he said, gesturing with his hand.

Julia scoffed in disgust and left without a word.

Good for her. I don’t want to do this class either.

I sighed as I dropped my head on the desk carelessly. 


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