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10 Inspirational Quotes of Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda was born to an aristocratic Hindu Family by the name of Narendranath Dutta at Kolkata, India on this day, that is 12th of January in the year 1863. 

He acquired the name of Swami Vivekananda after becoming a monk.He is an inspirational figure worldwide for his life changing quotes and speeches and for raising interfaith awareness. He had introduced Vedanta and Yoga to the western world with an influential speech at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago in 1893.

He was the chief disciple of Ramkrishna Deva, from whom he learned that living beings are but the embodiment of the divine self, so service to God could only be rendered by service to mankind.
Today on his 155th Birth Anniversary, 

I’d like to share some of the famous quotes by Swamiji that you must know about!


 1) Talk to yourself at  least  once in a Day. Otherwise you may miss a meeting with an excellent person in this World.

2) Relationships are more important than life , but it is important for those relationships to have life in them.

3) We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live, they travel far.

4) All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.

5) Do not wait for anybody or anything. Do whatever you can. Build your hope on none

6) The remedy for weakness is not brooding over weakness, but thinking of strength.

7) Whatever you think, that you will be. If you think yourselves weak, weak you will be, if you think yourselves strong, strong you will be.

8) We reap what we sow. We are the makers of our own fate. None else has the blame, none has the praise.

9) Arise, Awake and stop not until the goal is reached.

10) In a conflict between the heart and the brain, follow your heart.

Swamiji’s quotes and philosophies have inspired everyone all throughout the world. There are stories about his life that are so fascinating that everyone will admit how exceptional he was. Well, may be I’ll share them sometime. 

It was a pleasure to write about his famous sayings, I hope you enjoyed them!      

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5 Types of annoying friends! 

There are varieties of friends we all have in every group. And some are adorably weird, who at times even end up annoying us. It’s kind of funny, how it somehow matches with everyone! Here’s a list I’ve made, lemme know if you can relate! Hehe:

1) The late comer

He/she will always be late but will have a perfect excuse ready even before you can complain. They make puppy dog face when you try and scold them and will never really admit that they are at fault. Nope I’m not complaining, but they really exist! 😂😂

 2. The last minute bailout

 “Hey! Sorry can’t come today. Something has come up (he/she just might have woke up late). Please go and watch the movie with someone else. I promise I’ll make up to you next time!( And that next time will probably never come). 😝😂

 3. The I-know-it-all friend

“Don’t worry, I know where we’re going. I don’t need to see the map, or ask anyone or check Google. I’m sure that’s the way.” And you know inside that you’re lost and have been walking for the past one hour, listening to that friend about how much he/she knows. 😂

 4. The help-me-i-am-in-need friend:

 The friend who keeps calling and texting about every trivial issue he/she has been dealing with in his/her life. And you derive the role of their very own personal psychologist. :roll:😁

 5. The secretive friend: 

A friend you’ve known for a long time and with whom you have shared a lot about your life, but you know nothing about his. He/she is always secretive and will not ever share a thing about theirs. 😒😒


Annoying or not, you have to admit friends are but jewels. God’s gift. No matter how imperfect they are, they are our friends and they fill our lives with entertainment with their craziness and admit it or not, we all love that. Without a little spice, I don’t think we can cook a good friendship. So, we must cherish each and every one of them. :D☺😍😁

Do share the types of friends who annoy you at times, but whom you still love the same! 😀

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Quality is better than Quantity! 

A week ago, it was my birthday. The day that we all wait for eagerly. Because it’s your birthday, and only you know how special it is to you. But this year, I wasn’t much looking forward to it because my exams are going on. And even on my birthday, I had a difficult exam. But no matter what, when the clock was about to strike 12, just like Cinderella, I seemed to be in a hurry. I was suddenly feeling excited and looking forward to wishes from all of my friends. And then something happened that led to a realisation. Quality is indeed better than quantity.

My girl best friend, who lives in another state due to her studies for the time being called me at 11:57 pm. That is 3 minutes earlier. At first we chatted and I talked about past incidents when she used to forget my birthday and only my angry face reminded her that something was wrong. We laughed merrily and when the clock struck 12, she cheered like a little kid and wished me “a very happy birthday”. She was thrilled by the idea of wishing me before everyone else. Even before my parents.😁😝

  My mother later told me that since I was busy on the phone, she couldn’t wish me exactly at 12. So I had a good laugh and I felt really good about the importance I have in my friend’s life. 

After I got off the phone, I noticed that I had another missed call from an unknown number. Just when I was about to check who it was, the phone started beeping again. A call from the same person. I was surprised to hear the voice of a friend with whom I wasn’t in contact for the past three months. I was surprised that he remembered my birthday and called me exactly at 12. I was too happy and talked with him for a little while.
Then after I hung up, I noticed that I had received several messages from my guy best friend. My hands quickly pressed on the open button. It was a long message from him, wishing me happy birthday. But it wasn’t just that. I was surprised to find a video of size almost 120 mb. It was huge so I was unable to download it at first. He replied that he would try trimming it and resend me. But after a few more rounds of trial and error, I was successful so he didn’t have to. I was surprised to find all my favourite photos being displayed in a slide show! I didn’t know that he had all those pictures. And the background song too was sung by me. I was filled with ecstasy when I realised how hard he had worked on that video. I couldn’t have felt any more special. 

These people made my day with their warm efforts and I realised that my Mother is always right. She always says that it’s better to have a few good friends rather than having many ‘not-so-good’ friends. I did get wished by all of my friends but those three people showed me how much they actually care for me. I am grateful and thankful for their love. 😍

Special mention: I would like to thank my blogger friend Deepika for remembering my birthday that I had lightly mentioned to her on the occasion of wishing her ‘happy birthday’ on her blog. Thank you, I really did not expect that! 😍😁

So do you agree with me? Is Quality always better than quantity?

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Change your Attitude, not your Personality! 

Have you ever been said, “You’re too quiet, speak more”? Or “You talk a lot, restrain yourself”?

“You are too emotional! Stop being a cry baby”? Or

“You are like a stone. You don’t have any emotions at all”?

“Too short”, “Too tall”, etc. 

Just strike them hard. Nobody has the right to undermine you if that person is not You. You don’t need to change yourself. So what if you’re boring, so what if you are too outgoing, it doesn’t change the fact that you are Unique.

Your personality is your originality. And without it you’re nothing. So if you ever need to change anything, change your attitude. We all work hard to be a better person, but that doesn’t mean forgetting your true self, which is your personality. But the thing that we can change is our attitude. 

If you want the world to accept you, you’ll have to accept yourself first. No matter how flawed your personality is, don’t forget that your flaws are what make you human, not perfection
So accept this challenge to be yourself, little by little, each day, by preserving your Personality, but changing your attitude towards becoming a better and upgraded version of yourself. ☺

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3 Movies I can watch over and over again!

Movies are one of the best sources of Entertainment! A good laugh and a little ‘feel good’ feeling is always desirable. So I thought about three movies which are so adorably amusing that I can watch them on a repeat mode. I have listed them down below, have a look! 😀

1. The Karate Kid

    A kid moves to China with his single mother, and immediately becomes the victim of harsh bullying by his fellow classmates, who are experts in Kung Fu. But a chance meeting with the maintenance man brings a new turn to his life. The adorable Jaden Smith and our all time favourite Jackie Chan forms a duo that captivates us until the very end. You’ll have tears in your eyes after watching this. And the hangover’s gonna be pretty strong.

2. Baby’s Day Out


 Now what can I say about this movie. When the city calls, the baby has to answer. Running from bad kidnappers to getting special treatment from the zoo gorilla! The baby has the ride of a lifetime. This movie is evergreen. 

3. Mr. Bean’s Holiday


 Everybody knows Mr. Bean. He has entertained all of us. From kids to grandparents, we are all his fans. And this movie is just another jewel in his collection. His attempt to have a beach holiday in Cannes, that he won in a lottery, and all those obstacles in the way. Seems like destination’s a long way from home. But just as they say, the journey is what matters. I love this movie to the moon and back. 

So which movie/movies can you watch several times without ever getting bored? Feel free to share ☺

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5 Ways to release Stress!

Stressed much? No worries! Try these 5 ways to release stress. Stress is cunning. It does bad things to our bodies (like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc). So try your best possible ways to fight it! 

1. Have a tasty dish!

Food is the solution for everything!😍 Especially the food that gives a delightful pleasure to your taste buds. That’s why many people have icecream or  their favourite junkies (please avoid junk food as much as you can. It might give you pleasure for the time being but in the long run they’ll have unwanted effects! Try having any other tasty food that’s also good for your health). So have a special dish that can lighten up your mood! 

 2. Listen to your favourite music! 

   It might as well be a sad song, ’cause that song will help you get to the brink of your emotions, so that you can let it all out by crying! (Even if you are a man, don’t be ashamed of crying. Crying is healthy!)

3. Focus on the better side of the story!

 Stress can be the effect of any bad situation! It might be a project unfinished when the deadline is knocking on your door, or a painful break up, or missing an episode of your favourite show! Yes, it can be caused by anything and everything. 

So define your bad situation and look at the brighter side. Like, you got the whole night to finish the project, your ex wasn’t actually worth it, and you can catch the episode on youtube/torrent/any other site later! 😁

 4. Dance your heart out!


 A bad dancer? No worries, nobody’s watching! So just hit the dancefloor and show ’em (your imaginary audience) all your moves! A good dancer? Then just do your thing! I guarantee you’ll feel a lot better. 😁


5. Go out! (Don’t be a couch potato)

 Snuggling in your shell will only make it worse. Go out, talk to your friends. Don’t have anybody to meet up with? Don’t give a damn. Just go out for a stroll, feel the fresh air on your face, enjoy Nature! Give your mind a rest it deserves.

So do you have other effective ways to release stress? Don’t forget to share! 😀

And here, have a cookie! 😍😁