The newest member *_*

“Tere mast mast do nain, mere dil ka le gaye chain” 😛

Well it’s a popular bollywood song which means ‘Your beautiful eyes made my heart restless’ Wait till you see my pretty little cousin Siddhani. Then can you understand how apt these lines are. It was a beautiful Sunday morning when my mother woke me up saying that I had only two hours in hand to study for my college internal that was due for Monday. That is, the next day. Still sleepy, I scratched my head and asked her in confusion,” Why? Ain’t I got the whole day?” She looked at me with even double perplexity and said,” Oh you silly bee, it’s Siddhani’s Annaprashon(an auspicious occasion of Bengalees when the new born gets to taste the first bite of rice, dal and other traditional food)today!” I battered my eye lids for the next few seconds and I realised that I wasn’t dreaming. I quickly jumped out of my bed and freshened up. Though I was waiting for this day since time immemorial, I was quite nervous for the internal. I had low preparation, and being an Economics honours student, I knew quite well what it meant. I hurried through the pages of my college notes and tried to copy the items in my brain memory. By the time I got ready, it was already 9:30am. Finally when we reached Siddhani’s house, it was 10am. “Phew!”, I gasped as I stepped into the house from the scorching heat outside. Exam tension was still occupying my head. My Kakimoni (Uncle’s wife) welcomed us and we gradually went up the stairs to the first floor. My heart was beating fast as it had been ages since I saw my seven months old little sister Siddhani. I was so eager to get a glimpse of her. My Mother was even more excited. As we went inside her room, we found her sleeping. When I got nearer, I realised that she was wide awake and was inspecting a broken toy with severe interest 😛 My Mother broke her concentration as she went near her and smiled. Siddhani suddenly recognised who she was and smiled even bigger. It was an awesome moment ’cause we had never seen her in such a jolly mood. My mother insisted that I take a picture of her with the princess and so I did. I wasn’t sure whether she would recognise me, but as she saw me, she stopped smiling and just stared. Within seconds she started crying. Kakimoni laughed and said that she wanted to sit on my lap. My heart melted instantly and I took her on my lap. Then she  started inspecting my earrings with amazement. We dressed her in a very pretty red and white dress in which she looked as dazzling as a princess. I instantly took a picture of her with my mother.                                                               20150927_114810                                                     She kept on smiling until she realised that the dress was bothering her 😦 . Kakimoni said that she’ll change her dress immediately after the ceremony. Guests started coming and everyone was stunned at her cuteness quotient. My Mother quickly arranged rice, dal, fish, and various other veggies in a plate and several bowls. Siddhani was sitted on her Mama’s (her Mother’s brother) lap. A Mama has the duty of feeding the baby. Seeing all those delicacies nicely arranged infront of her, Siddhani was perplexed as to what to taste first and what not to. Her Mama brought some rice to her mouth and she instanly licked it.               Screenshot_2015-09-27-20-16-22                   She doesn’t yet have teeth, so her uncle smashed it  before feeding her. She liked the taste immensely. We all laughed at her expressions and enjoyed every bit of those moments. Later there was another ceremony held. This one was about the destiny of the baby. A plate full of different items such as a pen, a book, a mud dough, a gold chain and some money, was presented infront of her. She was interested in every item but finally got hold of the pen which is mightier than the sword 😛 The room broke into a huge applause for our little performer as a pen depicted that she would be good in studies. We all clapped and took pictures. Siddhani was amazed at her own performance and started crying. We realised that she remembered ’bout the dress again and so Kakimoni quickly dressed her in light and comfy ones.                          20150927_112112                                                                                                                                              The rest of the afternoon was spent in clicking several selfies and eating delicacies and a little chit chat with all my cousins. Eventually the day turned into dusk and it was time to leave. I was a bit sad as I had to bid adieu to my little princess. But a part of me was happy that i had taken enough pictures of her to look at until I meet her again. For the last time I took her on my lap and then headed back home. I was still smiling at the very thought of her when i got back home. I freshened up and went to check her pictures on my phone. And suddenly a thought struck my mind, “Why am I so restless?” I realised i was forgetting something. And with a sting in my heart, I opened a big, fat Microeconomics book infront of me 😥


20 thoughts on “The newest member *_*”

  1. Oh my! She excels cuteness. I wonder a first post so sweet might have grabbed eyeballs and deserves accolades!
    Also, I just came to know that you happen to be from my city. Onek bhalo laglo eta pore. ☺

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