The thing called “Life”

Do you ever feel like running away to some place where nobody knows you?
Where you can breathe easily? Where nobody demands anything from you? Where you don’t feel any pressure or worry? Well, it sounds more like freedom right? Life throws you at situations which you can’t get out from. You make some mistakes which you can’t reverse and redemption is harder than it seems. You are left with no choice and no matter how hard you try to go back to from where you had once started, you are just stuck. Stuck in the present. Things worsen when you realise that you are totally alone in this. There’s no body to share your pain with and nobody to cry along.

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You just get miserable with each passing time. And you reach a stage where neither are you bold enough to live nor coward enough to die. You lament that you have failed not only yourself but also every one around you. Your parents, your friends and others who matter. We all have, at some points of our lives experienced such grief and loneliness. Even with a room full of people, we have felt like there’s actually nobody around. The feeling sucks right? Yeah it does. But should we just give in? Just cry all day in a dark room, with the curtains drawn, blocking away the sunlight?
 Dark is indeed a humble friend but is Light that bad? I guess not. Cloudy days and foggy mornings do keep coming but so do sunny days and clear skies. May be sometimes we feel like sorrow is heavier than happiness in our beam balance but eventually it does get even. We all have failed in something or the other in our lives but we did pass too. Yeah redemption is hard, but trying is wisdom. If your efforts are sincere, won’t you be pleased by yourself? Won’t your parents be pleased too? Sometimes all it takes to become happy is to respect yourself. If you loose the trust from life, it will get back at you. So just take that blind leap of faith and feel the joy. ‘Cause sometimes even the wind brushing against your cheeks can enlighten you, if you let it to. 
But is it really possible to boost yourself up all on your own? Won’t you need someone to do the job? Yes we do. And that someone is not necessarily your soul mate. It can also be a friend who’s true to you. We all have heard that demands and desires bring mistakes and sins. But then should we just stop wishing for something? Like for example, should we just forget our love for chocolates?  Is that even possible? Well, the question is rhetorical. We should never stop wanting more. After all that’s the only way human beings have evolved over time. But yeah, we need that positive vibe around us to guide us to our future. And we can do that by ignoring the negative energy. 
You can be happy only if you are sure that you are not addicted to melancholy. So life is challenging, but with a true friend around it’s not that hard to deal with. That true friend can actually be anyone. We just need the eyes to recognise him/her. And once we do, we can say to Life, “Bring it on baby! 😉 “


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