Top 10 Women Centric Movies

Hey there Everyone! How have you all been? I’ve been good and really busy, mainly due to study pressures.
Today I thought of writing something that have been there on my mind for quite a some time. We all are movie buffs, and I personally vouch for those movies which have interesting plots, and spine chilling thrills. But then there are movies which are so amazing that they can instantly lighten up your mood and make you laugh hard until your stomach hurts. And I, being a woman, love to watch those movies which have a strong female character who’s not afraid of the world and can handle any problem with ease. So here’s my top 10 women centric movies that I feel everyone should watch!

10) Leap year


Anna plans to travel to Dublin to propose her boyfriend on leap day, as it’s an irish tradition that a marriage proposal on that day has to be accepted. But she ends up facing numerous hurdles on the way, which makes her see her life differently. The concept of a girl proposing first is quite bold, breaking all the stereotypes. And also you just can’t ignore those laugh out loud moments. So if you want to start your day with a movie, this might just be the one.

9) Confessions of a shopaholic


The shopaholic Rebecca lands a job as a financial journalist. Well, I guess the combo says it all. Smeared with a little luck and a taste of office romance, Rebecca’s life takes a steep turn. The movie is good because we fellow shoppers know exactly how it feels when we smell the flavour of a sale or catch a glimse of that red shimmering dress on that display window. Um..enough said.

8) Resident Evil


Alice uses her military training skills to fight against a wave of zombies. You gotta see this because this girl will blow your mind.

7) True Grit


A girl sets out on a pursuit of a man who killed her father and take vengeance by killing him too. And guess what, she’s only 14 years old.

6) Lucy


Lucy knows just what to do with the capability she has accidentally acquired. Just watch how she does it.

5) The heat


Two badass cops, who initially got off the wrong foot, band together to catch an elusive drug lord. If you want to have a good laugh, this is a must watch. You really can’t miss when the screen’s offering you Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy getting on each other’s nerve, yet bonding with
one another.

4) She’s the man


Yep, she’s the man. She loves to play football, but she’s not allowed to play in the boys team. So what can she do? Well, she can disguise herself as a boy and take her brother’s place in the team instead. The only catch? The hot guy she has to share the room with. Channing Tatum guys!

3) Flight plan


A mother has to keep her mind sane, if she wants to find her missing daughter on the plane. Yes, the daughter that nobody had even seen boarding with her at the first place. It’s a thrilling story, and you shouldn’t miss it. Jodie Foster has done a great job.

2) The silence of the Lambs


Guys, presenting to you an amazing Jodie Foster again in this thriller where she being a FBI agent, seeks helps from Hannibal Lecter to track down another serial killer who has been targeting female victims. You got to watch this movie to see this young and fearless agent using her guts and wits to take down this psycho killer for good.

1) Spy


Melissa McCarthy stars in this amazingly humorous action movie that not only makes your day but also encourages you to accept who you are. Despite being fat and not so attractive, this CIA analyst, steps out from behind the desk and volunteers to be a badass spy. She breaks down all stereotypes and ends up being so adorable that you’ll feel like hugging her.

And guys, there’s just another movie that I’ve missed which I think should be around number 1 in this list too. And it is….
The Call! Yes, the movie starring Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin. The duo shines in this amazing crime thriller in a brave attempt to fight against a psycho killer who abducts blonde girls and eventually kills them. So this movie is a must watch.
I hope you guys like my list and do watch them all. And you may also suggest films that have touched your hearts and made you feel good.


5 thoughts on “Top 10 Women Centric Movies”

  1. YES True Grit! I love both the book and the (recent) movie. I haven’t seen the classic. But the book is even better. Mattie is a fantastic protagonist; she’s one of the best female main characters I’ve ever read, and she’s more capable and gets more done in a short book than many women do in hundreds of pages.

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