short story

A short story

Hey guys, today I present to you with a short story that I’ve written with all my heart. Hope you enjoy it!

Just like any other day, I was tired to the bones and returning home late. Well, I wouldn’t call it ‘home’ exactly. It was a small flat I used to live in this foreign country where I had my job. Away from home, I used to feel like a fish out of the water. I didn’t have my Mom with me to rant about my hectic day, or my sister to gossip with about that hot new colleague who sneaked glances at me during lunch, or my Dad to have a lovely long chat with. I was alone and in dire need of company.
The minute I got off work, a pang of misery hit me hard. I imagined going back to my empty flat and the thought almost killed me. Memories of me and my friends laughing together, my sister pulling my leg, my parents scolding me for not taking care of myself was the only tonic I was living in. I almost had this urge every day to pack my bags and fly back home, but then reality hit me.
So like any other day, I took a cab and reached the portico of my flat building. With a deep sigh, I pressed on the lift button. My neighbour, who was in the lift when the lift door opened, greeted me only to be greeted back glumly. She stared at me for a brief moment and walked out. I went in and pressed the second floor button.
The corridor was as silent as usual. I walked to my flat and unlocked the door. With an empty heart, I quickly freshened up and then surfed the tv channels aimlessly. And then that cardboard box under that small table at the corner started moving. I jumped at first but then as realisation dawned, I got up and peeked into the box, only to be greeted by a faint ‘pew’. He licked my hand and jumped out and started wagging it’s tail. He looked immensely happy and went about jumping here and there, finally resting himself near my feet. My otherwise boring day, was suddenly lit up and I realised something. I wasn’t going to give him away anymore. I had found him by the garbage bin the previous day and fed him with a biscuit. In return, he followed me to my flat and made me keep him for the night. I had to call the animal care centre who said that they’d pick him up in two days. But I wasn’t sure anymore if I really wanted to give him away. No, actually I was sure, I didn’t want to give him away. He barked twice in confirmation. I laughed and said,”Oh, so you can even read my thoughts now?” He barked again and wagged his tail.
I petted him behind his ears to which he ‘pew’ed again.
I wasn’t ever a pet person. I loved dogs, but the idea of living with one had never crossed my mind. But in this hour of loneliness, he came into my life like a ray of sunlight and lit my world up. I named him ‘Happy’ ’cause that’s what I felt when he was with me. They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but lemme tell you, since that day, he has been my best confidante, my best bud, and my best roomie. To this fish, he splashed gallons of water. Well, at least now I know, when I get back home, there would be someone waiting for me by the door.


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