short horror story

Short Horror Stories (by me)

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I thought of doing something different. I’ll share some short horror stories. These are my ORIGINAL CREATIONS. I hope you enjoy them! 😀 And do give your feedback!!

 1. Closet

I walked into the dark closet. When I turned around, the door was gone.


 2. Maid

I saw my maid get cremated yesterday. She came to work today.

3. House

Me: Hey, who are you? And what are you doing in my house?

She: Honey, I think there’s somebody in here! This house is sure haunted!

4. Phone

I lost my phone!

5. Neighbour

I went to complain about the new neighbour girl who keeps staring into my flat from the opposite side apartment window.They said nobody lives there.


© thegirlonthego08
Thank you for reading! Hope you liked them ^_^ 

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