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Dream (A poem)

I live by a challenge to harness my greatest appeal and bury my Achilles heel,

I stand upon a ground borrowed, shaky,and a quake followed,

Through the uncanny pleasure of the serene weather,

I join the pieces together, as I kiss and smother,

The dreams that are yonder, of pulling you closer,

Of dusk striken streets, the empty park seats,

You look into my eyes, and I look away,

You tug at my sweater, and I fail to say,

These dreams are but dreams, too real, it though seems,

The pieces that are broken, a curse that is born,

The memories keep fading, the clouds howl and warn,

“I’m sorry, my dearie”, you say and disappear,

My heart plays a song, of longing and despair.

© thegirlonthego08 2016

Hope you liked it! Do feel free to criticise it! 😀



Blogger, writer, book reviewer, music lover, TheGirlOnTheGo is your regular college girl who has a fetish for blogging and writing anything that pops up in her mind. She hails from India and this blog is meant to be a cozy place in the internet, congruent with her thoughts.

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