Dream (A poem)

I live by a challenge to harness my greatest appeal and bury my Achilles heel,

I stand upon a ground borrowed, shaky,and a quake followed,

Through the uncanny pleasure of the serene weather,

I join the pieces together, as I kiss and smother,

The dreams that are yonder, of pulling you closer,

Of dusk striken streets, the empty park seats,

You look into my eyes, and I look away,

You tug at my sweater, and I fail to say,

These dreams are but dreams, too real, it though seems,

The pieces that are broken, a curse that is born,

The memories keep fading, the clouds howl and warn,

“I’m sorry, my dearie”, you say and disappear,

My heart plays a song, of longing and despair.

© thegirlonthego08 2016

Hope you liked it! Do feel free to criticise it! 😀

15 thoughts on “Dream (A poem)”

    1. Thank you..it’s because the narrator is standing on a place that doesn’t belong to her..her dreams are like illusions, disoriented yet crystal clear…so when that dream breaks she can feel the ground shake like the effect of an earthquake because nothing she imagines is real! 😊


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