5 Pre-Exam Facts!

Yes, my exams are coming up in less than 3 days, and I’m blogging. I know I shouldn’t, but it’s soo addictive! Right?

There are things that happen before the exams (of any kind) and I’ve listed a few here. Tell me if you can relate! 

1. Your relatives show up at your door, without any prior notice.

2. Sleeping feels way too good. Every inch of your body is in constant conflict with your mind whenever your eyes catch a glimpse of the beautiful soft pillow on your cosy, warm bed, but then your brain commands, NO YOU CAN’T! EXAMS, REMEMBER?

3. Even the most boring movie airing on the television interests you, and you lament that you can’t watch it ’cause you have your exams coming up.


4. You fall sick (or feel like you’re getting sick). There’s this unknown headache, or that constant pain somewhere in your body, and then that obscure feeling of collapsing any minute is there too.

5. The most eagerly anticipated movie of the year runs in the theatre! (In my case, it’s Fantastic beasts 😥 ) And your friends keep updating statuses on social media about how wonderful they found the movie to be.


I know there are a lot more! So what happens/used to happen to you pre exams? Let me know in the comments! 😀

50 thoughts on “5 Pre-Exam Facts!”

  1. When I have something important to do for school, so many other things seem a lot better to do… Drawing, reading, writing.. yep, watching videos, surfing the net. It’s procrastination at it’s best. 😦

    It’s something I’m trying to overcome ’cause I get really pressured when I dont have enough time in the end. Nice post

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  2. Hahaha.. most of them are applicable to me 🙂
    Last week my sister dropped with her beautiful daughter. And due to my exam I was ethically forced to read even though I didn’t want to.. Srishti(that little girl) started complaining that I don’t spend time with her 🙂 — ” Iska to humesha exam hi rehta hai”

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  3. I am in the middle of my exams and I am busy with my blog and reading others! To me, the more the exam aproach, the deaper I fall in love with writting. I am lucky I am in my final year in cambus! To avoid this in future! I have made up my mind to spend the rest of my life doing what I like and love! If I will choose to continue with my education, I think it will be attending seminars on blogging and such stuff! Othewise! Your concepts are perfectly relating to me!

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  4. Exams just got over.
    so i have to admit that many of these things happen to me also.
    i wont want to give up any boring tv series/movie as it would be so interesting for me. 😀
    i will feel sleepy throughtout whenever i am studying but i wont feel like sleeping after i stop and take a break :p
    and i am always kind of ill as no tym i am in a mood to study actually 😀

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