5 Ways to release Stress!

Stressed much? No worries! Try these 5 ways to release stress. Stress is cunning. It does bad things to our bodies (like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc). So try your best possible ways to fight it!Β 
1. Have a tasty dish!

Food is the solution for everything!😍 Especially the food that gives a delightful pleasure to your taste buds. That’s why many people have icecream or Β their favourite junkies (please avoid junk food as much as you can. It might give you pleasure for the time being but in the long run they’ll have unwanted effects! Try having any other tasty food that’s also good for your health).Β So have a special dish that can lighten up your mood!

Β 2. Listen to your favourite music!Β 

It might as well be a sad song, ’cause that song will help you get to the brink of your emotions, so that you can let it all out by crying! (Even if you are a man, don’t be ashamed of crying. Crying is healthy!)

3. Focus on the better side of the story!

Stress can be the effect of any bad situation! It might be a project unfinished when the deadline is knocking on your door, or a painful break up, or missing an episode of your favourite show! Yes, it can be caused by anything and everything.

So define your bad situation and look at the brighter side. Like, you got the whole night to finish the project, your ex wasn’t actually worth it, and you can catch the episode on youtube/torrent/any other site later! 😁

Β 4. Dance your heart out!

A bad dancer? No worries, nobody’s watching! So just hit the dancefloor and show ’em (your imaginary audience) all your moves! A good dancer? Then just do your thing! I guarantee you’ll feel a lot better. 😁


5. Go out! (Don’t be a couch potato)

Snuggling in your shell will only make it worse. Go out, talk to your friends. Don’t have anybody to meet up with? Don’t give a damn. Just go out for a stroll, feel the fresh air on your face, enjoy Nature! Give your mind a rest it deserves.

So do you have other effective ways to release stress? Don’t forget to share! πŸ˜€

And here, have a cookie! 😍😁

68 thoughts on “5 Ways to release Stress!”

  1. I remember the day when I bought a Diary milk silk for my love. We were out for a movie date. The day went well but when it was time to say Bye, we had an argument and she became upset and rejected my dairy milk silk.
    After that I had that entire silk at once just to clean up every sadness which was stuck in me from my throat to my heart.
    So yes, having a nice cookie or something favorite helps in releasing stress πŸ™‚

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  2. Omg stress. I’m feeling it big time. I definitely find that making lists helps me visualize what I have to do which lowers stress levels. I also have an app for meditation which is super helpful! (Stop Breathe and Think)

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  3. “Don’t have anybody to meet up with? Don’t give a damn. Just go out for a stroll, feel the fresh air on your face, enjoy Nature!” I like this! That’s exactly the way I think about it. πŸ™‚

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