3 Movies I can watch over and over again!

Movies are one of the best sources of Entertainment! A good laugh and a little ‘feel good’ feeling is always desirable. So I thought about three movies which are so adorably amusing that I can watch them on a repeat mode. I have listed them down below, have a look! πŸ˜€

1. The Karate Kid

A kid moves to China with his single mother, and immediately becomes the victim of harsh bullying by his fellow classmates, who are experts in Kung Fu. But a chance meeting with the maintenance man brings a new turn to his life. The adorable Jaden Smith and our all time favourite Jackie Chan forms a duo that captivates us until the very end. You’ll have tears in your eyes after watching this. And the hangover’s gonna be pretty strong.

2. Baby’s Day Out


Now what can I say about this movie. When the city calls, the baby has to answer. Running from bad kidnappers to getting special treatment from the zoo gorilla! The baby has the ride of a lifetime. This movie is evergreen.

3. Mr. Bean’s Holiday


Everybody knows Mr. Bean. He has entertained all of us. From kids to grandparents, we are all his fans. And this movie is just another jewel in his collection. His attempt to have a beach holiday in Cannes, that he won in a lottery, and all those obstacles in the way. Seems like destination’s a long way from home. But just as they say, the journey is what matters. I love this movie to the moon and back.

So which movie/movies can you watch several times without ever getting bored? Feel free to share ☺


78 thoughts on “3 Movies I can watch over and over again!”

  1. Rockstar is one movie I can watch over and over and over and till apocalypse.
    That apart, 3 Idiots and Phir Hera Pheri are the movies people never get bored of.
    Set Max people can watch Suryavansham and Don Number One every single day.
    I like 12 Angry Men. That’s one of the best Hollywood movies ever made.

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