Change your Attitude, not your Personality! 

Have you ever been said, “You’re too quiet, speak more”? Or “You talk a lot, restrain yourself”?

“You are too emotional! Stop being a cry baby”? Or

“You are like a stone. You don’t have any emotions at all”?

“Too short”, “Too tall”, etc.

Just strike them hard. Nobody has the right to undermine you if that person is not You. You don’t need to change yourself. So what if you’re boring, so what if you are too outgoing, it doesn’t change the fact that you are Unique.
Your personality is your originality. And without it you’re nothing. So if you ever need to change anything, change your attitude. We all work hard to be a better person, but that doesn’t mean forgetting your true self, which is your personality. But the thing that we can change is our attitude.

If you want the world to accept you, you’ll have to accept yourself first. No matter how flawed your personality is, don’t forget that your flaws are what make you human, not perfection.
So accept this challenge to be yourself, little by little, each day, by preserving your Personality, but changing your attitude towards becoming a better and upgraded version of yourself. ☺


38 thoughts on “Change your Attitude, not your Personality! ”

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      1. The mobile app will be yours to use how your want 🙂 In most cases I can have the Android version ready in about two days and the Apple Store version ready in about a week. All we need from you is the image you would like your app icon to be and any social media links if you want them to be a part of your app also.

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      2. Wow! That’s really a humble offer..but I’m really not sure if my blog has yet reached that level of awesomeness to have its own app already! But having an app is definitely an offer one can’t resist, lol..but I guess it will take some time.. ☺
        Meanwhile, is there any way I can contact you? I mean an email id?

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