Quality is better than Quantity! 

A week ago, it was my birthday. The day that we all wait for eagerly. Because it’s your birthday, and only you know how special it is to you. But this year, I wasn’t much looking forward to it because my exams are going on. And even on my birthday, I had a difficult exam. But no matter what, when the clock was about to strike 12, just like Cinderella, I seemed to be in a hurry. I was suddenly feeling excited and looking forward to wishes from all of my friends. And then something happened that led to a realisation. Quality is indeed better than quantity.

My girl best friend, who lives in another state due to her studies for the time being called me at 11:57 pm. That is 3 minutes earlier. At first we chatted and I talked about past incidents when she used to forget my birthday and only my angry face reminded her that something was wrong. We laughed merrily and when the clock struck 12, she cheered like a little kid and wished me “a very happy birthday”. She was thrilled by the idea of wishing me before everyone else. Even before my parents.😁😝

My mother later told me that since I was busy on the phone, she couldn’t wish me exactly at 12. So I had a good laugh and I felt really good about the importance I have in my friend’s life.

After I got off the phone, I noticed that I had another missed call from an unknown number. Just when I was about to check who it was, the phone started beeping again. A call from the same person. I was surprised to hear the voice of a friend with whom I wasn’t in contact for the past three months. I was surprised that he remembered my birthday and called me exactly at 12. I was too happy and talked with him for a little while.

Then after I hung up, I noticed that I had received several messages from my guy best friend. My hands quickly pressed on the open button. It was a long message from him, wishing me happy birthday. But it wasn’t just that. I was surprised to find a video of size almost 120 mb. It was huge so I was unable to download it at first. He replied that he would try trimming it and resend me. But after a few more rounds of trial and error, I was successful so he didn’t have to. I was surprised to find all my favourite photos being displayed in a slide show! I didn’t know that he had all those pictures. And the background song too was sung by me. I was filled with ecstasy when I realised how hard he had worked on that video. I couldn’t have felt any more special.

These people made my day with their warm efforts and I realised that my Mother is always right. She always says that it’s better to have a few good friends rather than having many ‘not-so-good’ friends. I did get wished by all of my friends but those three people showed me how much they actually care for me. I am grateful and thankful for their love. 😍

Special mention: I would like to thank my blogger friend Deepika for remembering my birthday that I had lightly mentioned to her on the occasion of wishing her ‘happy birthday’ on her blog. Thank you, I really did not expect that! 😍😁

So do you agree with me? Is Quality always better than quantity?


76 thoughts on “Quality is better than Quantity! ”

  1. That’s so awesome, it sounds like you had a great birthday! I definitely agree with quality over quantity, whether you’re talking about people, or blog posts, it’s much better to have a few really good friends, or really good blog posts, then a whole bunch of friends who don’t treat you very good and walk all over you, or a whole bunch of really bad, boring blog posts!

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  2. Happy Belated! What is your birthdate!? I recently just had a birthdate that recently passed & I completely understand!! Quality is most defiantly what matters! Credit yourself even when you think no one will!


  3. happy belated birthday! i completely agree with you that quality is better than quantity. it was also recently my birthday and at exactly 12 a few very close friends wished me happy birthday. Then when i went into school they sang me happy birthday and even though it was only 4 friends i was over the moon that they had remembered and i knew they all genuinely wanted me to have a nice day.

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  4. Happy belated birthday! 🙂

    I agree quality is better than quantity… Most of the times. In social research, it’s exactly the other way around: if you want to be able to make a statement you need all the info you can get, so quantity beats quality there (unless you’re me and you make up for that by writing awesome papers that take quality to a whole new level – ahem!) In everything else in life… Quality!

    Except maybe for chocolate…

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  5. Great to hear you enjoyed your special day. It’s a warm fuzzy feeling when you know people care about you. And also vey smart to understand the difference between quality over quantity!! You are very blessed to have these people in your life, it makes you appreciate the fact there are some kind hearted people out there.
    Xoxo DaiseyDropper

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  6. Yes I personally believe what you’ve said. A long personal text from a friend or may be a video as your’s ( In my case, I have no chance of getting a video compilation as I rarely get a perfect picture 🙂 ) makes me much more happier than 100 fb post stating: Happy Birthday Dude ! — I barely feel any happiness in that rather I have to like them :p
    This is also one of the reason I prefer writing personalized text messages to calling .. because if I call I would be blank after saying happy birthday (Introvert’s issue) 🙂
    But above all I really agree that Quality is most of the time better than Quantity.
    In the end, may I ask your name so that next time when I come to make a comment on this beautiful blog, I will start with Hi !!

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  7. What an awesome post and I could relate to it perfectly …excitement when the clock chimes 12 , the messages and the calls …it’s our special magical day .

    Belated wishes for a fantastic year ! You got a follower … happy writing !

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