Perfect Strangers <3

That magical moment when your eyes meet. Among many others, it’s just those particular pair of eyes that you feel like staring into. Yet, when she/he looks back at you, you look away. And then you look again and this time you held her/his gaze. You two are Perfect Strangers, having your perfect moment. But you know it won’t last forever. After all when the train, bus or any other ride you are on stops, you two will go your separate ways and will perhaps never meet again.

A ride gets so much more interesting when you feel this unusual familiarity about a perfect stranger, sitting opposite to you. You two keep stealing glances of each other, and secretly hope that he/she gets down on the same stop as you do.
There in the crowd of a thousand people, we meet such people with whom we share an invisible affection, and whom we never meet again, but what if we gave it a shot? What if you gathered some courage, crossed your fingers, approached that stranger and said , “Hi!”

Would the future be different? How would things turn out then? Would you then feel that real thing? Would you two turn out to be the missing parts in each other’s lives?

Well, these are questions which probably will never get answered. ‘Cause he’s just a stranger, and you’d just watch him go when the journey gets over. But what if you two could actually be a thing? What if he/she’s actually your soul mate whom you’re perhaps missing to meet and know forever?

You’ll never know..ahh, you’ll never know….


41 thoughts on “Perfect Strangers <3”

  1. You ever find funny and amazing how that someone you like always appear everyplace you go..
    you just keep seeing him..

    That’s when it’s meant to be..

    And you have to take the chance and make connections and create a conversation…

    I have had that experience before…
    The perfect stranger: and I have had the same thoughts πŸ’­ what if….

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    1. All we need to do is strike up a conversation, but then there’s always this fear that may be we’ll get ignored and end up looking a stalker or something like that..but there’s always a possibility that things might work out in our favour..we just need to take leap of faith! ☺☺

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      1. Yep…
        But a smile …
        a hi πŸ‘‹…
        and his response will let us know if we should continue…

        Not everyone is able to strike up a conversation..
        So a flirty smile will be inviting letting him know you like him..,
        And if he’s gamed…
        well let’s the game begin ..😁😁😁

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  2. There’s an undeniable thrill about meeting a stranger and spending a few hours together, indulging in each other’s lives. It’s that spurt of saying whatever you want and leaving it behind with someone who’ll never look at you and think of it again.

    PS – Loved the post ☺️

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    1. Yes, I totally agree! Sharing thoughts with strangers is a lot easier than sharing them with our close ones..’cause we know that we won’t get judged! Hehe..
      And thank you so so much for loving my post! I’m truly glad!!☺☺ πŸ˜€

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  3. my perfect stranger has a name after so many months of interrogation from colleagues, I tried having a conversation with him every rare moment we met. My superwoman courage ended up with a demure smile and a giant word HI. after that, I feel like my lungs will explode due to hyperventilation… oh, help me God!

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  4. Nicely written Dear… Sometimes in life we treat our Thought and Desires as Stranger….
    sometimes we never get to implement, or birth those Desires and Dreams we once had , it seems we parted ways or maybe we weren’t confident to approach them with our actions and Commitment… Maybe we already have alot keeping us Busy and these things never gave us a chance to approach that Perfect Stranger (Our Dreams and Desires)….
    but what if we gave it a shot? What if you gathered some courage, crossed your fingers, approached that stranger … Would the future be different? How would things turn out then?

    Destinies are lying fallow as strangers, and we are not willing to approach them now that we can… (just seeing this post from a different perspective)…. Nice one Dear…. I love this…

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