An Ode To My First Love <3

Been single all your life or not, have had many relationships or whatsoever, there’s an irresistible flavour of first love that remain etched in our memory forever. Some worked, some didn’t and some were unrequited…

No matter how far we have moved on in our lives, or how many years have passed, even today, when you see him/her, your first love, you cannot help but smile! You may not have any feelings for that person, but you still go down the memory lane, remembering those days of the past, when you fell in love for the first time…

so here’s a poem to that first love, a feeling that we still cherish…

An Ode to my First Love

That smile on your face, the way you flipped your hair,

Among the laughter and fuzzy blues,

You turned out to be the antidote to my despair!

The first time our hands touched in the crowd, 

I wavered but you didn’t even blink an eye,

You sure heard my heart beat so loud,

And the ecstasy of youth almost made me cry!

I watched you walk away, but I didn’t say a word,

The feelings inside of me began to tremble and overflow, 

You kissed another girl, the confession of a love bird,

But you will never know who you were to me,

The sparkle in my eyes, the essence of my very first love!

I adored you, I made a sketch do you remember? 

You smiled and pocketed it, I wonder if you ever cared to note my number,

That day, when I dressed up like a doll, were you even watching me laugh?

I wish you glanced just this once, I wish I had the guts to bring that up!

©thegirlonthego08 2017

76 thoughts on “An Ode To My First Love <3”

  1. Your poetry made me dial her number.. and it felt so good to hear the voice once you were so fond of.

    One of the core reasons why first love is hard to forget is because it is pure and innocent. People don’t fall in love for the first time with expectations or malicious intentions. It is pure attraction, led by the mind and not the heart.

    The beginnings of first love are free of malice and manipulative behavior. The whole world seems beautiful and life becomes perfect. It is like wearing rose tinted sunglasses 24/7, even in your dreams.

    This blissful feeling of first love can never be replicated because once innocence is lost on a personal level, it can never be translated in its purest form in another relationship. This is what makes it so special. 🙂

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    1. It’s always such a pleasure to hear to from you Neal! Yes, I absolutely agree with you. First love is the most special kind of love, something that we can never forget..and did you really call her? That’s so nice to know..I’m very glad that you liked my poem! ☺

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  2. First love is a strange one isn’t it? In hindsight it’s both more powerful and less consequential than any other love. It means more because it’s the first time you feel the feelings and you feel them SO INTENSELY, and also less because you’re too young to understand love properly.

    I loved this. And I love this comment box! Makes me want to mail someone a letter!

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  3. I will rate this as the poem I have ever read. You actually took me to a different world. It’s very true, first love is special. Even though most of us falling in love first time at a very early age which is considered to be the age of immature decisions, first love still holds its ground. That look can still bring a smile in any situation. I’m running out of words……..Awesome work!

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  4. Great Poem! It put me back to middle school remembering my first crush. It wasn’t love but it was the nervous feeling of being vulnerable and not knowing how the other person felt. Thank you as this poem brought a smile upon my face 🙂 .

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  5. It’s funny how first love sneaks up on you, isn’t it. I like the casual nature of the touch of hands that means so much to you and yet little to him. Spot on!

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