My Favourite Folktale! 

One of the best things about childhood is we get to hear amazing stories from our parents, grandparents, elder siblings and so many others. And we listen to them with all the concentration that our little brains can deliver. 
So last evening I happened to listen to a song that reminded me of my favourite folktale, the one that my mother used to narrate when I refused to eat. I was a very disobedient child who didn’t eat anything (leaving chocolate of course), so she used to lure me with all those stories she knew.
This one was from the famous book called “Thakurmar Jhuli” in bengali and “Grandmother’s Tales” in English. It was first published in 1907 by the honourable author Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumdar. It’s my all time favourite. It’s called “Saat Vai Champa” which in english means “Seven Champa Brothers“. Here goes the story:

Once upon a time there lived a king who was very unhappy because he was without an heir. Oneday, a priest gave him mangoes and asked him to feed them to his seven wives after which they would bear him children. The first six of his wives could not give birth as they ate the fruit with disbelief but the youngest wife gave birth to octuplets while the king was on a voyage! Seven sons and one daughter. Meanwhile the other six jealous wives buried the seven babies in the royal garden who later by the grace of mother Nature blossomed into seven champa flowers. Then they placed seven puppies beside the unconscious queen. But when they were busy burying the seven sons, they missed the eighth child, a girl who was born a little later. This gave the maid a chance to take her away and named her Parul.

Champa Flowers

Later as Parul learnt the truth of her seven brothers, she sneaked into the royal garden to meet them. There she sang a soulful, heartwarming song to rise them up. She reunites her banished mother with the king and her brothers with immense effort and you can already guess what happened to the wicked six wives. 


It’s such an emotional story, what can I say. I love it and keep thinking about it from time to time. And there are millions other beautiful stories from around the world that are equally fascinating!

Did you love this story? 

And what’s your favourite folktale/fairytale/childhood classic? Please do share, I’d love to listen… ☺


49 thoughts on “My Favourite Folktale! ”

  1. The beauty about childhood is that we are more interested to hear something interesting and magical. It’s more about listening that reasoning. There are no why’s! Thanks for giving us a peep into your childhood. Weren’t these childhood tales symbols of unity and innocence? Ohhhh… I get goosebumps thinking of those days. Thank you for startingy day with goosebumps. And by the way, I too was a slow eater. In my childhood, I was told that if I don’t eat quickly, then Satan will come and take me away….Have a nice day!

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  2. This story from my favourite tale panctantra is my favourite one.
    A poor potter lived in a small village. One day, he fell into a ditch by accident and got hurt. The wound left a big scar on his forehead. The potter moved to another village when his village was affected by famine. Luckily, he got work in the king’s court. The king saw the scar on the potter’s face and assumed that he was a warrior. He treated the potter with respects and made him a prominent member of his court.

    In the following months, the kingdom was attacked by the enemies and the king asked the potter to lead the army. Afraid to do so, the potter told the king the truth about himself and how he got the scar. The potter left the kingdom, leaving the king embarrassed.

    Moral: Appearances can be deceptive or never judge a person by his or her appearance.

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  3. Beautiful story!

    I have memories of my favorite stories but can’t remember full stories because my dad made them up as he went along! 😃

    Now you’ve given me a mission – to compare my memories with what my siblings remember and see if we can piece daddy’s stories together! 👍😉

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    1. My parents did that too sometimes. And my father told almost the same story every time I pleaded! At first I thought it would be boring, but I kept enjoying it none the less.. 😁
      And do have a chat with your siblings, it might feel like you’re back to your childhood! ☺

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  4. Childhood was really great. No tension of future. We could play all day without any fear of any deadlines.. Life was so much easy. But I never listened any stories in my childhood as my parents never told me any.. Thanks for sharing your favorite story.. It was really nice😊😊

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  5. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story. You definitely made me visit the nostalgia lane. Isn’t childhood precious? For now, I’ve many personal favorites , can’t pick one. Maybe I’ll share once I’m sure enough, until then happy blogging 📝

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  6. I love fairytales! This one was a classic one (and they’re the best). I am a sucker for Beauty & the Beast, but mainly because of Disney. But anything with forests, witches and good overcoming evil makes me happy 🙂

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  7. I love this story! Yeah, folktales are not simple, often parables, but they never fail to entertain! I don’t exactly recall the folktales in my area since it has been sooo long, but as for my favorite fairytale, I’d say Rumpelstiltskin! It is so memorable! 😀

    Thanks for sharing this lovely story 🙂

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