Thoughts (A Poem)

Our thoughts are precious. Don’t ever ignore them, ’cause sometimes when we feel lonely, they help us find a way out! ☺

I find myself caged, a confinement that can’t be broken,

I stare deep into the mirror, but hit a blank wall painted as black as a raven;

The noise gets louder and louder in the quietness of my mind,

So many heads around, but I’m trapped in a solitude that’s one of a kind;

As I delve deeper and deeper into the ocean of my thoughts,

I keep going places, wandering over lands with myriad cultures, lush grass covering all the spots;

A child keeps laughing, playing with a broken toy,

How happy he looks, the innocence of ignorance even God can’t destroy; 

Funny how these visions reflect the very rudiments of my cognition, 

As I stand on a ledge over the grandeur of my subtle imagination; 

Is there another soul dawdling through this realm uncouth, but real?

I hear echoes from far and near, so many voices that I cannot deal!

‘There’s light in the end of the tunnel’, they always say,

But to the blind, light is a luxury they can’t afford to pay!

By the caravan of thoughts they can travel as far as they plea,

To the lands of chaotic pleasure, away from this insanity.

© thegirlonthego08 2017

57 thoughts on “Thoughts (A Poem)”

    1. When we lose ourselves amongst a thousand other people, we use our thoughts as a lead us out to a relative calmness. At first our minds are quiet, but when thoughts flood in, it becomes really difficult to handle the commotion..
      But I have decided upon another interpretation as well, the one that was originally on my mind, the noise is of the daily hustle and bustle of the world, so it’s bringing about a turmoil in the serene mind state of the narrator..that’s why thoughts are being used as a respite! This is what I was originally thinking while writing it… ☺

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      1. Ah.. These are two lovely interpretations. I was actually thinking about the second one. But you had written that the noise gets louder IN the quietness of the mind. So I was wondering what kind of noise thrives in the quiet… Thanks for clarifying. A lovely read..

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      2. Don’t take the literal meaning of the word ‘quietness’ then..it also means the innermost reaches of my the speaker’s mind, where it’s generally always calm..and thank you for asking, it was a pleasure to explain the interpretation! ☺

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    1. Wow! That’s so very nice of you! Thank you so much! Although I’ve done this post only recently, I can edit it and mention you saying that you nominated me as well!! Thank you so much once again! I’m truly grateful! 😃☺

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  1. It’s always a pleasure reading your inner thoughts when on the exterior you always seem to be a mystery ^^.. Don’t think I have words to justify how beautiful was your expression of thoughts.

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  2. I’ve only just started blogging, and this is the first poem of yours that I’ve found, and I have to say I’m really impressed! It’s so beautiful; so simple and complex at the same time! I look forward to reading more 🙂

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