Valentine’s Day Special! <3

She was just an ordinary girl. And he was an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. She lead a simple life, while he was born to fulfil a purpose for the greater good of the mankind. Yet, when their eyes met for the first time, without their cognizance, they zinged. They conjured up a spark that was bright enough to be seen and felt by the entire world. 

This Valentine’s day, let’s talk about an epic love story. A story we all know, a story of the love between a God and a human. The pair we all fondly know as ‘Radha Krishna.’ Some of you know this already, and some are still unaware. So here, in my words, let me retell it once again! ☺

Radha and Krishna


Their story began with numerous quarrels and arguments. While Radha was a pretty, innocent young girl, Krishna was a naughty, handsome, mischievous boy. All the girls in the village of Gokul, that is the ‘gopiyas’, were intensely fond and affectionate of their Kanha (nick name of Krishna). They loved it when Kanha pestered them, stole their home made dahi/butter/curd, and did almost anything to annoy them. Yes, sometimes they complained against him to his mother, Yashoda but only in good nature. Because to them, their Kanha was very special.

But it wasn’t the same case with Radha. While the others were blindly fond of Kanha and forgave him for his mischief, Radha stood head strong against him when Kanha’s family moved to Vrindavan.
She rebuked him, complained against him, fought with him. But we are talking about the invincible Krishna here. She had to give in sometime or the other. Gradually, amidst all these clashes and squabble, she fell in love with him. And he fell in love with her. A love so strong, and so pure that it resonated exponentially through everyone.

Little did Kanha know, he was only growing up. He had a lot to explore and know the truth about his birth. He was still unaware of the task he was supposed to complete. He never knew, he wouldn’t spend the rest of his life in his beloved Vrindavan anymore.
As truth slowly marked his way, he realised he wasn’t meant to be with Radha. But even the thought of staying away from her hurt him. He felt every bone in his body break, he was unable to breathe.

He reverberated his love through the magical enchantment of his flute, a divine melody that filled everybody’s heart with pure ecstasy. But only Kanha knew what he was feeling in the inside. There was no end to his misery. But deed comes before desire. And that’s exactly what he followed.

He was enlightened with the truth eventually. He found out about his birth parents, Devaki and Vasudev. He found out about his evil Mama (uncle), Kansha, who tortured his parents and all the common people over whom he reigned. He had to bring an end to his age old oppression. And for that, he would have to leave Vrindavan. That meant, he would have to leave Radha.

Every part of his body ached, but he couldn’t do anything to help. He couldn’t run away from his destiny.
He bid adieu to Radha. But all this while, what did Radha think about his departure? She knew he would never return. She knew she would never be able to go with him to Mathura, where his birth parents lived, along with his evil uncle.
And she also had the knowledge that her Kanha was extraordinary. He did not just belong to her. He belonged to all those poor souls out there in the world who needed him. She wept. She wept until all her tears dried away. She let go of her Kanha. She let go of her one, true love.

Kanha came closer to her before saying “goodbye“. But he did not touch her. He did not kiss her. Their love was never about just a mere touch. For the last time ever in his life, he devoured his Radha, he noticed every little, imperfect but still breathtaking, details about her.

For one last time, he found himself lost in the depths of her beautiful eyes that shimmered like a heavenly brown cascade.

“We could never elope, Radhe! But know one thing, starting from today, right until the end of this world, my name will always be taken along with yours. They will always enunciate your name first before uttering mine. They will know us as ‘Radha Krishna‘, because just as Radha is incomplete in the absence of Krishna, Krishna has no existence without Radha”, he smiled lovingly before turning away to leave.

He didn’t look back. For if he did, he knew that no power in this entire universe would then be able to keep him away from his Radha.
But he could picture her in the eyes of his mind. A beautiful maiden, with a smile on her berry red, lustrous lips, and crystal pearl white tears continuously flowing from those dark, magnanimous eyes, framed with long, black, smoky eyelashes.

And right there in her dark, brown pupils, he saw himself. He dwelled in Radha, just as much as she dwelled in him. There might be miles between their bodies, but their soul would always be one.

Just like matter, love exists in different forms. Sometimes in a painful sacrifice, sometimes in the loving embrace of a complete stranger. And sometimes through blogging!😁 

I love you all my bloggers! I wish you a very magical Valentine’s Day! It doesn’t matter if you are single, celebrate love in your own unique way. And remember, loving yourself is important too! Stay happy and spread love! 😍 ❤

Much love,

Thegirlonthego ☺

45 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Special! <3”

  1. Great narration! Loved the way you presented it. You captured all those emotions beautifully 😊

    Btw I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but I just wanted to clarify one point – the evil mama was named Kamsa, right? The post says Kansha 😅


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