5 Bollywood songs which deserve more attention! 

(I just added another special song at the end which is a major EDIT! Scroll down to find out!)

This post is not about the mainstream songs that are already quite famous. It’s about all those underrated, yet mesmerising beautiful Bollywood songs that deserve to be under the spotlight!  

Well, they are not so unpopular either, but I feel they haven’t yet received the amount of attention they truly deserve.

Hold your breath, here they come:

1. Ore Piya (Oh my Love!)

 Movie name: Aaja Nachle! (Come let’s dance!)   This song is so sensuous and heartfelt that even a stone cold heart would melt. This song did top the charts back in those days but disappeared in no time. I think, it should be added to the ‘Evergreen’ album. It is that good! (At least to me).

Watch the video here:

2. Main woh chand (I’m that moon..)

Movie: Teraa Suroor (Your music)                      The movie didn’t do well in the box office. So many out there don’t even know this beauty exists. It’s a shame since they are missing something really soulful, sung by the raw star Darshan Raval.

The video:

3. Kehkasha Tu Meri (You’re my star)

It’s from the movie Akira. Just like the movie, this song didn’t get much of an attention. I really wonder why, ’cause this is my all time favourite. It boosts my soul with positive energy and brightens up my mood whenever I feel down.

Here’s the video:

4. Ishq Bulava (The calling of Love)

Movie: Hasee toh phasee (If she laughs, she’s trapped)                                     Now this song was famous! But, it didn’t get its well deserved attention. The other songs from the same movie did a lot better than this, but this one in particular has to be acknowledged! It instigates the first ever feelings of love, that mysterious fluttering of our heart, those ticklish butterflies in our stomach!

Watch it here:

5. Zindagi (Life)

Movie: Bajrangi Bhaijaan (Brother Bajrangi)                                               The movie was a blockbuster and everyone absolutely loved this song. But I believe it deserves a lot more than that. It is so affectionate and warm!

Here’s the video:

So here’s the edit guys! I absolutely missed this song! I should have added it!! Let me know if you agree!                          


# Aao na (Please come)

Movie: Kyun, ho gaya na? (See? Wasn’t it easy?)                                           Inspite of having big stars in the cast, this movie didn’t do well, almost went unnoticed. But it has this beautiful song under it’s banner. Sung by Sadhana Sargam and Udit Narayan, this song will always be one of my favourites! I request all of you to at least listen to it once!

This is the video:


P.s: You may not agree with me, but this is just my opinion. And all those who don’t have any idea about Bollywood, do check out these songs. You’ll be delighted, I’m sure! 😀

And do you want to add any other song to this list?

79 thoughts on “5 Bollywood songs which deserve more attention! ”

  1. Loving these, I love Bollywood movies not that I have seen lots, I love the fact that they tell a story about having good values. 🌹

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    1. Haha…I don’t have that special liking for the current ones either! But except a few, that are making their way towards being classic! And I really love very old bollywood songs! Some from the black & white era as well. They are just LOVE and no matter how many times you listen to them, they never fail to entertain you!! Just as they say,”old is gold!” 😀

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    1. I do listen to Sanam Puri! In fact, I love his songs! Especially ‘Tujhse naraz’! And the song ‘Ishq Bulava’ has been sung by him only! But when it comes to retro, I prefer the original versions only. I LOVE retro songs! They are EVERGREEN!

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  2. I agree with you 🙂 there are so many good songs in bollywood and they are not very popular…my recent favorites are Tere bin from Wazir….its a beautiful song, the melody, lyrics everything is just so beautiful….am posting its youtube link-

    and the other song is Phir Kabhi from M.S.Dhoni the untold story….This song is a lovely one, you must listen to it once!-

    and there is Kuch din from Kaabil….I love its lyrics ❤

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  3. Thanks for sharing this lovely post!!! Some of these songs are actually in my list of favorites. 😊 And there’s another adorable song called ‘Sooha Saaha’ from the movie ‘Highway’ which I really like. Even some of the wonderful songs of the movie ‘Ramleela’ didn’t get the amount of attention they deserve.

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  4. Love the first song! My suggestions are if you don’t mind, mast mast doh nain from dabaang, Sanam re title track, “Jeene Laga Hoon” by atif Aslam and all the songs from ashique 2 uff Yaar they’re just too awesome👌🏼

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