The BLOGOQUENT Competition! 

How well can you describe LIFE? Can you describe it in just one sentence?

Hello my fellow bloggers! I have a beautiful competition in my mind. Will you be able to describe life the best possible way in just a sentence? Wouldn’t that be fun?

So just comment your entries below! And the top five answers will get selected and I will feature them on my next post along with a description of your blog and a link to it! And in addition to that, you will win the title of “THE BLOGOQUENT” (Blogger+Eloquent= Blogoquent)!!!

I hope I do not sound weird!😝

And again, the winners can write a post about it and display “the Blogoquent” winner  sticker on their blogs! (Of course it’s up to you!)


But wait wait, I will not be the only judge (I cannot possibly even imagine of being, not yet lol!) , you all are the judges as well! Hit like on the FIVE comments you feel are the best and in a two to three days’ span, we will decide which five bloggers win the title! You can reblog or share this post with your friends to gain more audience for your entries (totally optional though! )                                               But yeah, I’d be really grateful if you spread the word! 🙂

This is just a small attempt to widen our mutual friendships and improve our writing skills at the same time! So come on, let’s do this! And don’t forget to LIKE your favorite FIVE comments (entries), ’cause that will be counted as VOTES!! (even if you’re not participating, please vote for the others! )

P.s: I’m not taking part in this, since I am the one creating and hosting it, for the first time! And also because I know I don’t have any chance at winning, lol! So best of luck to you guys, earn this title with the virtue of your Eloquence Quotient! let’s try something new and fun! 😁

And please don’t hesitate to participate! It’s really just a fun competition!😁

© thegirlonthego08 (wordscantfathom blog) 2017


174 thoughts on “The BLOGOQUENT Competition! ”

  1. Love this competition! 🙂

    Life is an ongoing, infinite adventure story in which we play our own lead role and fulfil quests to learn how to be human, while separating the villains from the heroes.

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  2. Wow, that’s a great muse!
    Life in a sentence, that’s so very thought provoking. But I’m very bad at keeping it short, anyway here’s my try:
    “Life is a flower that embellishes our bag of bones, it is the water that lubricates our throats, it is a fish– one that goes to the deepest seas but fancies a kiss with the sky, moreover it is our mother earth,
    the mother from whose womb we take birth.”

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  3. Life is a combination of ups and down, of being broken and being whole again.
    Life is seeing my little sunshine in the morning, with sparkling eyes and a big wide smile, the music he made every time he calls me mama… that is life!

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  4. I know the competition is over. But it’s fun to participate. Hope you don’t mind.
    Life is like a game where you play only for success..Success can give you the reasons to celebrate but failure can give you the knowledge of wisdom.

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