MOON in a new light!

There might come a massive change in the solar system we live in. A group of NASA Scientists have come up with a proposal to upgrade our Moon’s status to a planet. And not only Moon, but also the satellites of Jupiter (Europa and Ganymede) and that of Saturn (Titan and Enceladus) have the potential of being called planets as per their manifesto! This would mean a modernisation of our entire solar system.

Alan Stern, who was the principal investigator of Nasa’s New Horizon’s mission to Pluto, with his five colleagues have come up with this proposal and they demand a change in the definition of a planet.
But this is not the only clause of the proposal. They have also brought up the International Astronomical Union (IAU)’s 2006 controversy where Pluto was downgraded because of its small size and similarities with the millions of other rocky bodies of our solar system.

It was Stern and his colleagues who had launched this mission to Pluto, and they firmly believe that Pluto lost its status wrongfully.

Stern and his colleagues wrote:

“In the mind of the public, the word ‘planet’ carries a significance lacking in other words used to describe planetary bodies, many members of the public assume that alleged ‘non-planet’s cease to be interesting enough to warrant scientific exploration. A common question we receive is, “Why did you send New Horizon’s to Pluto if it’s not a planet any more? ‘ To mitigate this unfortunate perception, we propose a new definition of planet.”

“In keeping with both sound and scientific classification and people’s intuition, we propose a geophysically based definition of planet that emphasises a body’s intrinsic physical properties over its extrinsic orbital properties. “

Quote courtesy: The Sunday Times, London.

Look how happy they look! 😀


So that means, Earth and Moon would be called twin-planet system. Well, if this proposal gets accepted, then our solar system will be added with more than 100 planets! *gulps nervously*

I wonder what that would mean to the school students.As a kid, it was pretty hard to memorise only eight planets in the right order, but now….well, I don’t even want to think about it! 😉

Anyway, jokes apart, I think this would bring about a huge change in all of our perceptions, well if only this proposal gets accepted.

So what do you think about this? 

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38 thoughts on “MOON in a new light!”

  1. Nooooooo! Please, people need to let this thing with Pluto go. I don’t agree it should have been demoted as a planet irrespective of all the other dwarf planets discovered (though I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the term dwarf planet), but if we get into the rigmarole of reclassification of tonnes of other celestial bodies then we’re just going to make everything confusing. The way it works now is fine. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune as planets. Other sun orbiting bodies such as Pluto and Ceres as dwarf planets. Anything that orbits a planet and not the sun should remain a moon regardless of size. Something can only be a twin planet if they’re tidally locked for me, such as Pluto and Charon. Earth and the moon don’t possess that trait. This silly business needs dropping and more important stuff concentrated on.

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      1. Precisely. Does it really matter what Pluto is? It’s a lump of rock and ice orbiting the sun. It is correct that if Pluto should be classified as a planet then so should the other countless Kuiper Belt Objects of substantial mass as well as Ceres in the Asteroid Belt. Or maybe we should just keep things as they bloody well are! Haha

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      2. I don’t think it should have been declassified in the first place. It was doing nobody any harm being recognised as the ninth planet. It’s not like the other eight were getting annoyed by the fact. Haha. But now it’s done it should stay that way I think. Just leave everything as it is before we have to reclassify everything!

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  2. I’ve heard talks about Pluto possibly being upgraded back to planet status, however this is the first time I’m hearing the news about the moon. It makes sense but I wonder how we would start referring to the moon? I guess we would take our kids outside and look up in the sky to say hey see that big thing in the sky? It’s the planet moon! Which will probably cause confusion because the definition of moon is ” the earth’s natural satellite that shines by the sun’s reflected light, revolves about the earth…” Very interesting lol. Thank you for the post!
    -Luna 🙂

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  3. I’ll tell you one thing, science or no science, they’ll keep making it harder for the school kids!
    Jokes (no wait, it wasn’t a joke, seriously) aside, this new proposal is really awesome. I mean it’ll change the meaning of a planet and create so many new planets. I believe it’s a bit wrong though. I mean, I’m not a scientist , but I still believe that satellites like the moon shouldn’t be promoted to a planet. It ceases to make sense and will rather add more confusion to the general public mind rather than improve anything.
    However, if this does go through in NASA, i wonder how other space agencies will react. I mean the ISRO and the Russian space agency will certainly have some objections to this. It the united states goes about teaching It’s students that the solar system has more than 100 planets and others like India don’t accept this. It’ll surely create a great confusion.
    On a lighter note, we can finally say that man has visited another planet (the moon is a planet after all!)
    Nevertheless, it’ll be fun to wait and watch. Also, I’ll request you to add a reference link for the curious to satisfy their Hunger!

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    1. Yep, I agree.. I too think Moon should remain being a satellite. It would really be hard to incorporate so many more planets in our solar might create a bedlam..
      But I don’t think there would be problem with the other space agencies, because The International Astronomical Union will have to make the final decision of accepting or rejecting the proposal..and the Union has members from countries all around the it will be a mutual conclusion!

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  4. Planet by definition means a body that orbits a *STAR*, however as far as I know Moon, Europa, Ganymede, Titan and Enceladus all revolve around *PLANETS*. Maybe I’m not as knowledgeable as those scientists and also, given that laws of physics change with new discoveries. All we can do is wait and wonder how they’ll prove our only natural satellite to be a planet. Smh. Great post btw!

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  5. Great post.. Love the pic.. It’s so cute.. Also.. I’m not so sure.. But what I read in school about Pluto being demoted from being called a planet as a different reason.

    It said that the IAU laid 3 conditions for any body to be classified as a planet :

    1. Should be spherical shaped
    2. Must revolve around the sun
    3. Must have its own separate orbit.

    Pluto defied the third rule as its orbit intersects with that if Neptune’s at 2 points. Thus being disqualified.

    Cant vouch for that though.. Our textbooks aren’t always correct. Hehe.

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    1. This might be true..I haven’t stated the reasons for it’s demotion specifically though..Pluto lost it’s status for being a dwarf planet, and it had similarities with several other rocky and icy bodies of the by the traditional definition of a planet, Pluto got demoted..and the reasons you mentioned might as well be some of them

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  6. I’ve just read this and I find it fascinating. Could it be that with the Moon astrologically relating to emotions we are getting to a place where we allow them more of a place? I am also on the side of not complexifying things (that’s not a word according to WordPress…lol!) so wish we could stop all of this messing around with the classification of astral bodies. That said when Pluto got demoted a few years ago part of me thought… TYPICAL…. we don’t want to look at deeper darker psychological things at all any more. We want to pathologise them so lets just exile/demote Pluto. As a Plutonian type it made me cranky.

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  7. I don’t like the concept of satellites being called planets. If I were king, one of my measures would be if the body has an atmosphere. So… must orbit the *star*, must have an atmosphere.

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