Winners of the BLOGOQUENT Competition! 

Hey everyone! So it’s Saturday and I’m here with the results! It has been a pleasure to host this competition and to read so many descriptions of LIFE.

So I want to thank all of you to help me pull this off!!!! To all the participants, thank you for being a part of this. And to all those who voted, thanks a lot, it was a big help!

So here are the FIVE winners:

*drum rolls*









1. Katrina (18 votes)

Her entry: “Life is a journey in which nothing is permanent and everything is precious

Something about her from her ABOUT Page:

“Here, you’ll read about books I like (and those I despise), literary doodads and knickknacks, grammar pointers and rules, and maybe you’ll learn a little something about me on the way. 

Calliope Writing Services, LLC refers to me, myself, and I. As a business owner, I have a strong commitment to superior work, excellent customer service, and maintaining an open flow of communication. Calliope Writing Services has been in operation since June 2007. During that time, I’ve worked with dozens of individuals and organizations, sometimes internationally.My mission is to provide you with the absolute best writing and editing services available.

2. Paul.E.Bailey (15 votes)

His entry: “While Life and existence certainly coexist, their paths are not the same and never should the twain be confused with one another

Here is a little something about him from his ABOUT ME page.

I’m a born and bred Ashtonian and have lived the majority of my life in and around Ashton-under-Lyne. I’m the proud parent of one son (and if I have it my way that’s as many as I’ll ever have).My passion is writing; primarily novels. The big dream is to become published like any writer who’s serious about their craft. Anybody can dream, but not everybody will pursue that dream. I’ve finally shed my fear of failure and I’m working to turn my dream into reality. I’d be delighted if you’d come along for the ride.Alongside my writing I’m also very keen into music. I never took the time to learn to play an instrument, but I’m a fair-to-middling DJ and I post a lot of my mixes on Mixcloud. If you’re interested in hearing my stuff just click here. I love all types of music; predominantly house, drum ‘n’ bass, hardcore and breakbeat. I’m a massive fan of Jamiroquai, Fleetwood Mac, Supertramp and Killswitch Engage among many others.Football is a sport I spent the longest time fanatical of, but in recent years my enthusiasm has waned. Nonetheless I’m a big fan of Stockport County FC and, if I’m ever to be seen watching a football match, Edgeley Park is where you’ll find me.”

3. Cory Melancon (15 votes)

His entry: ” Life is the knowing that an ending is inevitable, but the understanding that anything is possible in the moment

Hey sorry Cory! I can’t seem to reach your site. It’s saying empty! I have tried innumerable times to load the site! I don’t know what went wrong.

4. The Originals (13 votes)

Entry: “Life is a soulful song that has its highs and lows which, despite the heart warming agony, leave a serene smile on our faces

Something about her:

” Hello everyone, this is Parul Joshi who has started her blog with the hope of making a difference in the lives of the people by addressing any issue which needs to be given a thought. Stay tuned…”

5. Vinay Kashyap (12 votes)

Entry: ” Life resembles a black box of reality colored with shades of dreams and nightmare

His intro:

I’m a usual guy who likes to read stories. I’m a student who vent out via this blog; writing and finding stories in the crowd. I write pieces of nonfiction in my fictional characters. I’m a person who likes making friends, on a hunt for new stories and capturing different worlds into this one of mine.”

CONGRATULATIONS to you guys for winning the title of the BLOGOQUENT!!! Your descriptions were truly original and enchanting!

You can post the BLOGOQUENT Winner sticker on your blog and write a post about winning it! (It’s totally upto you though! )

And those who didn’t win this time, no worries! This was just the first of many more to come!! Thanks a lot for participating! Much LOVE to you guys!! And the ones who took time to vote, thank you soo very much!


Copyright thegirlonthego08 (wordscantfathom blog) 2017

39 thoughts on “Winners of the BLOGOQUENT Competition! ”

      1. Haha I’ve been commenting non stop from morning and I guess thats why all this mess! I’ll lay off for a while and catch up! Haha.. congratulations on the amazing contest gurl! Hats off to you! ✌

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  1. Thank you for the opportunity at the moment my blog is undergoing changes, but should choose to follow you will find random excerpts of my life pretty much, and all the things that make me uniquely me lol

    Thank you to those who voted for me your the best 👍👍👍

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      1. Ahh nooo! Please don’t say that! I truly believe we are on the same level! I mean just look at your blog!! Just look at its awesomeness!!! 😍
        Much LOVE to you! Without your constant support, I would not have come this far..heartfelt thanks to you! You’re too cool as well!! 😃☺😁

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