5 Songs that took India by Storm

Here’s another post about songs! This time, I’m back with 5 songs that had been played on a repeat mode by everyone all throughout India (for all the right as well as wrong reasons) !



Check them out down below:

1) Gangnam Style

That style, those funky dance moves, and of course, Psy! This video song was downloaded and shared a million times and everyone was humming and talking about it all the time! It was funny and truly entertaining.

2) Why this Kolaveri di

This song was the ultimate sensation. Nobody really understood the lyrics, there were numerous interpretations though! And many versions were made all throughout the WORLD!

3) Cheap Thrills

Come on now, I guess I don’t have to explain why this was so famous! Such a groovy tone, those magical beats and of course, Sia’s voice! This song has been funnily translated to many languages, one being in hindi, “Sasti Masti”. And so many covers were produced, along with numerous dance videos! There was a sitar cover, tabla, guitar, piano and many others.

4) Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

This song was loved by some and made fun of by others. That signature step of Sonam Kapoor, the catchy title, and Dubsmash! Almost everyone had their own Dubsmash version of this song which had been shared via all sorts of social platforms. Everybody had his own unique take on this song!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

5) Tum hi ho

I think this was the song for which Arijit Singh was for the first time consciously acknowledged by everyone throughout the country (though this wasn’t his first song). The enchanting melody, that sensuous voice, and that beautiful music, everyone went crazy over this song! This still remains to be one of the top romantic numbers!

Do you have any other song in mind that had gone viral which I might have missed?Β 

And to the non Indians, can you share some of the most VIRAL songs that had been a super hit in your Country? I would love to know and so do the other bloggers I’m sure! So don’t HESITATE to SHARE!! πŸ˜€


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