Read my story!

Hi my lovely bloggers! I just wanted to let you all know that recently I posted a short story on Sweek, a story writing site just like Wattpad and I really wish that you all read it once if you’re interested. Actually, I’d be really grateful if you could read it and hit like as I have entered a competition there. Though my writing skills are not extraordinary, I still thought to give it a try. I had written this story a long time back. The name is ‘Say it out Loud‘.My username there is sweekgirl.

Hope you guys would spare a glance!

Here’s the link:

Here’s the book cover

Thank you bloggers for your support. Your encouragement is everything I need.

And here’s a little introduction to my story…..

She was wearing her elder sister’s gown. It was old and the once proud magnificent red had faded to a lighter shade of maroon. But it didn’t bother her for she could feel the warmth and companionship of her long lost sister in it.

 She touched the part of the dress right above her knees and clutched it tightly as she saw him walking towards her from across the crowd, his eyes fixated at her. His midnight blue tuxedo was adorning his strong, muscular built quite diligently. His shiny black shoes clicked on the floor faintly as he walked only to be quickly absorbed by the surrounding sound.

His face was blank, no hint of any emotion. It was hard to tell what he was thinking but his deep gaze was penetrating right into her. She felt like turning back as he gradually came closer but she was glued to the floor by some supernatural force. And then as he merely stood an inch away from her, she closed her eyes for a brief moment, recalling for the umpteenth time, the days of the last few months, when her life changed drastically.

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