Are you a SuperHuman? 

Have you ever wondered if you are a little more than ordinary? If not, then it’s time that you do.There are chances that you are a SuperHuman! How to know that? Well, check the list below to find out!

1) You feel pain but you don’t let pain to reach the ones you love.

2) You help those in need even if you are the one in need for help at the moment.

3) There are times when you feel lost in your life, but you still go on with your head held high.

4) It’s difficult for people to hurt you because you are way above that.

5) You can make others smile even when you feel like crying inside.

6) You don’t need other’s approval to know your real worth. While you are swaying high up in the sky, your roots are firmly holding the ground.

7) You are not ashamed to cry, even if you are a guy. Crying is a natural emotional response, and you are well aware of that.

8) You see the good in everything. You believe everybody is grey: a mixture of black and white.

So are you a SuperHuman?

Believe me guys, if you have any of the above qualities, you are no ordinary human being. You are a SuperHuman! If you look closely and read carefully, you’ll know that these are not easy for people in general to exhibit. So be proud if you are a SuperHuman. You deserve all the applause!


29 thoughts on “Are you a SuperHuman? ”

    1. I agree! Nothing like feeling superhuman to get your day started! I feel like this is a real social issue and I love the fact that some people can accept their emotional responses to things!

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  1. I actually read this post on the way to pick up my girlfriend’s son from school yesterday and was going to comment, but got sidetracked. A nice bit of motivation and very nicely written. We all need to remind ourselves of the superhuman things we do and are capable of sometimes.

    By the way, I FINALLY got around to my Blogoquent Award acceptance post (I know – it’s taken ages). I hope you’ll get a minute to check it out and forgive me for how long it’s taken.

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