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Wrote another Story! 

So I wrote another short story and posted it on Sweek! 

Now I know one needs to have a sweek account to read all the stories there, so I won’t force anyone to do so. But if you lovely people still wish to give my creation a read, I would be so so grateful! Like, seriously! 🙂

I would really appreciate some feedback, be it positive or negative. Just honest feedback is all I need.
But then again, no pressure folks! 😀
And even y’all can post your stories/poems or any writeup there. It’s a blooming platform!

So here’s the link :

The story name is PRESAGE. I think the title is a giveaway. You can definitely guess the theme already 😛

Here’s the cover :

My username there is Sweek Girl.

To all those wonderful people, who gives it a read, or even gives reading it a thought, thank you in advance! ^_^


15 thoughts on “Wrote another Story! ”

  1. Might I suggest You can upload onto there relatively easily and it’s downloadable in multiple formats when you post it there. Give a look and see what you think. I published Dead End on there 🙂

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      1. I’ve got so much to catch up on, but for the first week of this break I’ve been giving writing and reading a wide berth with the exception of my English grammar work.


  2. I tried to access and could not do it through the app. I would love to read your story. Can I get the app on my Kindle Fire?
    If not is your story available in another format?
    Thank you.

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