#Life, #Love, Facts


We breathe the same air, bask under the same magnificent Sun, and bleed red…

And, we all even poop the same as well (no offence! ).

I’m an ardent believer ofΒ Equality andΒ Universal Brotherwood, have always been, and will always be…



Whatcha say? ^_^


77 thoughts on “Well…”

  1. I have always said the same thing about breathing, blood and the sun…you just took it step farther, Ha Ha…but so true! None of my best friends look anything alike on the outside, but every one of them poops…or so I am told. I honestly feel the media stirs up more controversy in this area than most people feel, believe or act upon. Thank you for your post…for the good!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

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