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A Peek into an Introvert’s Life

An introvert’s life is not easy.

They are quiet, but not timid.

Less active but not unsmart.

But there’s one thing that introverts have to deal with in their daily lives. Misunderstanding.

It’s a horrible thing for those who have experienced it first hand. They try to say and mean something, but is understood as something else entirely.
It’s even worse if they don’t say anything at all. Then they are labelled conservative, boring, uncool and personality-less and even dumb!

Just because he/she is quiet, it doesn’t mean that he is not interested in anything or he’s not participating at all.

Sometime an introvert’s contribution is turned a blind eye to.

Why talk about only contribution?

Their presence itself is not acknowledged at times. As if they are totally invisible. People see right through them, but never into them.
Sometimes even when they try to talk, they are immediately overshadowed by the ones who can speak louder.

Some teachers like introverts because they are all nice and quiet. But don’t be mistaken, some hold grudges against them. Why you ask?

Because some teachers don’t consider students to be meritorious or attentive if they don’t speak up in class. No offence to the teachers here ’cause there are indeed some lovely teachers who are always a constant support to all the students equally without any bias or partiality. We must take our hats off for them.

Coming back to the introverts again, they are often mistreated and taken for granted. That is something they have to deal with everyday. Since they don’t speak much, nobody really cares what he/she thinks or if they’d be hurt when mistreated. That is the thing, nobody cares.

An introvert can turn out to be even more outgoing than an extrovert if you catch him/ her with people they are comfortable with. And there are many who harbour special (by which I mean very special) hidden talents. They only need the time, space and support to open up because they are reserved.
So don’t be all judgy. And just as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. ‘Cause appearences can be deceptive.

Now to be clear, this post is not about grievances, complaints or ramblings.

This post is for throwing some light over the lives of introverts who kind of have to struggle everyday for the littlest of things because they often get misunderstood.

Introversion is not a disease, being an introvert is not a crime. It is NATURAL and NORMAL. And they are in no way weak! So don’t ever ask a quiet person to change himself/herself.
Try and be a little understanding because it really hurts when people treat you like you’re not even there. As if your presence doesn’t matter at all, only because you’re soft spoken. You probably won’t ever know how an introvert feels ( of course only if you’re not yourself an introvert, bleh), when people misbehave or look down upon him/her. Not all introverts are sensitive though, they always seek a little warmth from the people around them.

Be a little friendly. Not only towards introverts, but also towards everyone else. Because a little friendship doesn’t hurt, does it?

Introverts remain quiet but they cherish friendships extremely. If you are friends with an introvert, probably you already know how caring and loving they are towards the people they are close with.
Be a little considerate, friendly, and understanding.

Stay happy and make others happy. Spread love! β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

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58 thoughts on “A Peek into an Introvert’s Life”

    1. Hello aunty!!! I really loved your blog and two poems so far read. Surely going read your book ‘ the maker of miracles’..
      lucky enough to go through block.
      Would be glad if you could give your precious comments on my writing.. I jot down as a hobby but not as a writer .😊

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      1. Hi auntie (I suppose this is how bloggers address each other 🀣)
        I am not a professional writer or reviewer. I am a lawyer by profession . The Maker of Miracles is a narrative account of my experiences with Sathya Sai Baba,my guru.
        You can purchase the book on amazon or at Dorrance Publishing.
        Otherwise all the poems are fictional and imaginative.
        Thank you for visiting my blog
        Greatly appreciated

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  1. All of this is so true. I’m an introvert and I go through this all of the time, since I was a child it always seemed my thoughts and feelings or anything I had to say would be overshadowed by others more outgoing and outspoken.
    People often wonder what I’m doing with my life or think I’m not doing anything. Family and friends even sometimes think I’m “acting funny” or “fake” because I’m so quiet and like to stay to myself majority of the time. They don’t understand that being around groups or crowds of people and talking openly often overwhelms me. But once they really get to know me, or the few people that do, they realize how great of a person I am, how talented I am and how much they have mistaken me.

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  2. I loved reading this, great article!! I just hate it when inconvenient people pick on introverts almost forcing them to talk or to do something they don’t want to. That should be considered bullying. Just leave people alone, right?

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  3. Great post. Congratulations on writing this marvelous piece. I too behave like an introvert many times in my life. Whenever the people around me are not suitable, I go in my silence shell and notice them, as if inspecting them. There’s no harm in being an introvert. Until and unless you are silently planning a murder. Haha. 😁

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  4. TBH I never observe myself like this. But based on what you mentioned, I guess I too somewhat Introvert.

    And I love the way I am. People so took me wrong.

    I love every single bit of word in this post.

    And you are dead write about people, but I am lucky to have teachers who pushed to break that barrier.

    Thank you for following me really appreciated.

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  5. hahaha…being an introvert always trying hard to act a little extrovert…can totally relate to it..:) πŸ™‚

    I am new on WordPress and have just started sharing my world with everyone out here..Do pass by my blog and let me know what u think about it..
    Your review will be valuable..:) πŸ™‚

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  6. Hi!
    Nice post! I’m making posts about scientific explanations behinde everyday appearance, so if you have time and will please go and check it out! If you like it please follow me, I follow you.
    Thank you! :mrgreen:


  7. Yes to this: “Their presence itself is not acknowledged at times. As if they are totally invisible. People see right through them, but never into them.” How many times in my life? But then this: “An introvert can turn out to be even more outgoing than an extrovert if you catch him/ her with people they are comfortable with.” After being with a friend and her teens one of them asked her “Are you sure she’s an introvert?” Happily my friend explained the situation–she too is an introvert as are each of her kids. Excellent post. Thanks for bring this out.


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