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Everybody Has a Love Story (Part 3)

Firstย of all, I apologise to all my lovely readers who had been waiting for the 3rd part of this story, for uploading this so late! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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Where the hell was Lee Maxwell?

Then would it always be Travis to coordinate us? Now, I was having second thoughts about attending those so-called special classes.

It seemed to be the most boring one and a half hour of my life. Practising algebra, writing boring essays, jotting down homework, God! It was unbearable.

By the time it ended, I was famished.
A black hole was slowly churning inside of my stomach, threatening to swallow in all my organs if I didn’t chug a chicken burrito into its monstrous mouth.

So, I decided to stop by the pretty little cafeteria ‘Caroline’s Treat‘ near my school, run by an elderly lady named Caroline Walter.
That’s where I bumped into someone unexpected. Guess who?

Julia Martin.

“Hey girl! What’s your name again?”, she said, as she swung her hand around my shoulder like we were two old friends, meeting after a long long time.

“Umm…it’s June”, I replied, taking a table by the foggy glass window overlooking the dimly lit evening street.
She occupied the chair next to me.

“Woah. June and Julia, sounds like two sisters right? Haha!”, she laughed innocently. Or she pretended to?

“Haha”, I laughed like I had just been hit by a bat.

What does she want?

“So you are in section B?”, she asked, sipping on to her cafe latลฅe.

“Yep. You?”, I said, genuinely curious.

“D”, she replied, busy enjoying her drink.

“So, do you come here often with your friends?”, I attempted to make conversation.

“I do come here often. But not with friends. I don’t have any”, she replied, still looking down on her cup.

Woah! Is she that obsessed with coffee?

“Okay”, I muttered under my breath.

Seriously? Such a pretty face and no friends? But then it does take a lot more than just a pretty face. In fact, sometimes a pretty face is not even a factor, thankfully.

“Don’t pity me. It’s not like people don’t want to be friends with me. I don’t like anybody here. So I don’t chat that much with anyone”, she said looking at me for the first time, leaving her coffee out of her sight.

“Nope, I am the last person to pity you. I too don’t have that many friends to be honest”, I smiled embarrasingly.

“I figured. A sweet girl like you has no place in this world of glitz and glamour. You should hang out with me more often. I can already tell we are quite compatible”, she displayed the prettiest smile ever.

“Really? But I thought you didn’t like anybody?”, I raised my eyebrows in astonishment.

“Yes I don’t. But I can try liking you”, she replied.

“Why?” I narrowed my eyes.
Suspicion mode on.

“Because you seem like a simple and dull person.”

“Excuse me?”

Did she just say dull? As in D-U-L-L?

“Don’t get me wrong. Being dull is not such a bad thing. I kinda like that about you. Plus, I would like someone to let me know about the special classes when I bunk them”, she explained, batting her eye lids.


“But why will you bunk?”

“There’s no point in going if the President doesn’t show up.”

“Lee Maxwell?”

“Yeah. Why do you think a meritorious girl like me would ever end up in those shitty, good for nothing classes conducted by that pain-in-the-ass boy Travis?”, she cringed her nose distastefully.

Oh damn. So she likes Lee as well.

I could feel my half-built ship sink already.


“What ‘oh’? Would you be my friend then?”


I don’t know why I said that.

“Cool. So see you tomorrow!”
She flashed those brilliantly white set of teeth again, almost blinding my eyes this time.

Gosh! Which toothpaste does she use man? Should I ask her? Nope June. Bad idea.Try not to be weird, can you? Just search it up later on google, okay? Good girl.

So that’s how I became friends with Julia Martin. Was that a bad thing? Was it a mistake to befriend someone who liked the same person as I did? Well, honestly, I didn’t know. Or should I say I didn’t care?

As long as we were on the same boat, I didn’t have the fear of losing. If the boat sunk, we’d both go down. And plus, she didn’t even know that. She had no idea, how deeply, and madly in love I was with Lee too.

*laughs devilishly*

So I wished, the next day would be a nicer one. I would get to see him, he’d notice me, and hopefully ignore the fact that I was poor in studies, and may be even smile at me. Or may be not. But I wanted to feel his presence in the same room, longer than ever before. Wouldn’t that be sweet? โ™ฅ


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