Friday Feature

First Friday Feature! 

Well well well…it’s Friday!

So as you all know (if you have read my last post), starting from today, I will feature you lovely bloggers on my blog every Friday!
Many of you have submitted lovely entries for my ‘ Feature Friday‘. The first person being Deepika!

So she’s the very first to get featured on my blog, and I couldn’t be any happier about it…! 😀

So here’s her submission, which is a micro tale :

“My son will be a great Doctor.” His father exclaimed.

The artist in him shed a thousand silent tears listening to his father.”


Don’t forget to comment down below and express your opinions on her work, if you want her post to win the ‘Feature of the month‘ ! 🙂

Wanna get featured too? Click here.


26 thoughts on “First Friday Feature! ”

  1. My dad wanted me to be a doctor. But I wanted to complete ph.d on Zoology. As my mom supported me I took zoology. My dad was quite disappointed with this, but now I’m having good marks and top student scholarships so he knows now that this is the world I wanna live in. Parents should encourage their children for whatever they want to be. Thanks for sharing❤

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      1. Yeah, they do support me and they are very proud of me. They ofcourse have the right to see the dreams of making their children doctor, engineer or whatever! But we just have to express our feelings to them instead of hiding! They’ll surely understand because if they won’t then who in the world would???
        I just got really very emotional because I saw my dad becoming very upset for that and I was drowned in the feeling of guilt for a long time, that’s when my mom stood firmly by me. When I got my first scholarship, my dad proudly telling about it to everyone he knows! I’m very relieved now❤

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