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Feature Fridays #4


Poem by Diganta Misra 😊 


I’m just a sailor trapped in the tides,
Flitting through seas unknown,
Like a riddle wrapped up in an enigma,
Floating in the plethora of memories.

I’m just a sailor trapped in the hues,
Surviving at the mercy of the umbrella of colossal clouds,
Mast getting tenacious but anchor getting impuissant,
Blindfolded by fantasies of captivating pirates,
The silence of the endless blue tearing me apart.

I’m just a sailor succumbing to the threads of fate fabricated by Poseidon,
Confined within the rusty walls of this empty vessel, like a silhouette in the horizon,
Trading bullets for roses, the pastels of the sky washing away
I’ve got a story to tell; but I’m alone, stranded, plummeting to the rage of the seas.




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