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Take me away (Poem)

Where most of us lose ourselves in the midst of the ruckus we call life, take a moment and wander through the expanse of your soul, who knows, may be you’ll find yourself once again!

Reflections in mountain pool
Source : ravenhawk’s magazine


When you touch my locks with hands so crisp and delicate,

And look into my eyes, as I gaze right back into the abyss of yours,

I see a home so dear, like the warmth of your skin in sweater weather, 

The sweetness of your embrace, a kaleidoscopic array of emotions.



Take me away, where the sun shines the brightest,

Our feet dug deep into the sand against the perpetual glee of the ocean colossal, 

Take me away, where winter colors my cheeks crimson red,

And a snowflake melts into an icy rapture, the second it touches the tip of my tongue,

Take me away, where I can delve deeper into my psyche,

A crude thought, incongruous to my actuality, 

Take me away, where I can find myself all over again,

Above the horrors of my darkest fears, beneath the tantalising desires.

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Dear readers, this is to remind you again we are accepting submissions for our online magazine Bumblebee. Submit your works via email to either 

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100 thoughts on “Take me away (Poem)”

      1. Sure! You can follow the Daily post by WordPress who host Community pool for bloggers to discuss about their posts and introduce. And you can follow other bloggers and comment on their blogs. I’m sure they’ll reciprocate!

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  1. This was a beautiful poem. I found it’s message very inspiring.

    I also have a question about your online magazine, Bumblebee. Are there any restrictions to what type of poem you’re allowed to submit? For example, no profanity, or anything dark? And are you allowed to submit more than one poem in hopes one will be chosen?


      1. Hi! No, actually we have extended the deadline to 15th of July. So you still have time 🙂
        And, you can submit poems under any genre and more than one submission is definitely acceptable! So feel free to send us your articles 🙂 🙂


  2. Hi I really liked your poem. I also write poems for my blog and I would be glad if I would get a chance to submit them for ur magzine. My poems are on my blog so would you mind taking a look at them and letting me know if they are good enough to be a part of ur magzine?

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    1. Hello! I read your poems and they are in fact quite amazing..but for Bumblebee we are only accepting articles which have never been published before..so if you wish to send us your work, please make sure it’s new and original! 🙂 🙂


  3. The last three lines are brilliant, the poem entirely is exceptional. The line, “crude thought incongruous to my actuality” was striking, especially when it was followed by “Take me away, where I can find myself all over again, Above the horrors of my darkest fears, beneath the tantalising desires.”

    My interpretation of these lines is that there is magnetic attraction to darkness, to the indulgences we know we should be best without.

    This is a strong work. 🙂

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