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Calling out!

Edit: Contents under Photography, artwork and food/recipes also needed! Do let us know if you’re interested to contribute! 

Calling out to all the

make up bloggers here. As you all know, I’m working on my online magazine and have been inviting you all for submitting your new and original works for the purpose. Till now, many of you have submitted and they are truly awesome I must say.

But we still don’t have any submission under the make-up/beauty and heath category. So this is a special calling to them through this post. We’d love to receive something under this category so that the magazine looks complete!

And for the others, if you wish you can submit content under the other categories as well! Here they are :


Book Review

Short stories 


Fiction/non fiction piece of writing 





Daily News

Fashion articles/Beauty/make up



Mail your work to either 

Me :


Cheila :

You all have been a great support! I couldn’t be any more grateful and thankful. πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “Calling out!”

  1. Um, I guess I could write book/TV/anime/Webtoon reviews, or write pieces of fiction for your magazine…sorry, but not makeup (I am woefully uneducated on that). I’m going to have to check your past post on this again for details. I’m not sure if I could consistently do it, but I’d love to! 😊

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      1. Well, if you wish them to be published on our magazine, then we only accept articles that have never been published before..but if you just want to get feedback on your stories, then you can send me a link, and I can give it a read..


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