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Feature Fridays #7

A poem by the lonelymeme ๐Ÿ˜Š



As the light slowly started to fade
The darkness tried it’s level best to embrace
The fragments of you left behind
Broken by a person,
Led on by your mind.
It left like a wave:
Sweeping you off your foot,
Wavering like a happy page.
It left a void that you couldn’t fill
With a silhouette
Or a happy pill.
The light left your mind
But in turn gave you a chance to find
Not only you but those times
When you feel aliveย 
And everything’s fine.
For the moonlight is an opportunity
To find the light inside,
Just like one streetlight
Illuminates the whole road,
Ahead and behind.



It’s already 30th of June here, which means the end of the month. I started Feature Fridays two weeks early from May, which makes a total of seven entries.

So, for the ‘Feature of the Month‘ title, posts from day 1 up till today will be considered, which makes this post the last for this month. From next month, the remaining entries will get posted here who’ll compete for the title for the month of July!

So if you want this post to win, like and comment!

And if you didn’t yet read the other entries, check them out down below and like and comment for them!

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