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The Feature of the Month!

Finally, after a total of seven entries starting from the middle of the month of May until the end of June, we have come to a conclusion as to who wins the title of the ‘Feature of the Month‘!

And the winner is…



*drum rolls*






Deepika! With a total post likes of 122 and 12 comments of appreciation.

But there’s a new development. There are actually two winners. The one winning along with Deepika is Diganta Misra with a total likes of 105 and 13 comments of appreciation!

Congratulations Deepika and Diganta! πŸ™‚

Deepika’s micro tale.

Diganta’s poem.

Here’s the winner sticker. Deepika and Diganta, you are welcome to flaunt it on your blogs and announce your victories! You rightfully deserve it.



So this month, there will be more Feature Fridays to come. Those entries which haven’t been published yet will get their chances now and new entries for the upcoming months are always welcome!

I would like to thank you all for making it a success by submitting your entries and liking the posts and commenting too!

The other bloggers who had submitted their posts were quite amazing too, with huge number of likes! So y’all deserve a shout out as well! 😁:)

Put your hands together for,

β˜† Thunder Poet

β˜† Diyingmachine

β˜† Samita Shrestha

β˜† myexpressionofthoughtsblog


β˜† lonelymeme!


We honestly loved your posts guys! And those who didn’t get the chance to read, just click on their names.

Happy Blogging! πŸ™‚


TheGirlOnTheGo β™‘ β™‘


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