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Everybody Has A Love Story (Part 6)

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“You thought you could get away with this? “, he said. But he looked completely relaxed to me, like it was nothing important.

“You know what will happen now”, a grin appeared on his face, fading in just a fraction of a second.

I wasn’t looking at him. Through the corner of my mascara smudged eyes, I could see them. And only them.

They were laughing and chatting. It made me cringe.

“I’m talking to you”, the sudden chill in his voice jolted me back.

“Now your secret will get out too”, he said, rubbing the back of his ears.

How often does he do that? It’s almost making him look a little less intimidating. 

“You think I care? It doesn’t matter now anyway “, I said, as I looked up at him with narrowed eyes.

He was dumbstruck. I swear, if it wasn’t such a grave situation, I would’ve laughed my ass off at the look of his face, as if someone had just punched him.

His eyes widened and he kept staring at me.

“Who do you think you are? And and you don’t care?” He sounded like he couldn’t believe my words.
Wow, now he’s stuttering too?

“Yeah right. And it wasn’t even me who revealed the secret in the first place”, I refrained from looking into his eyes this time. Those filthy tears kept creeping back in.

“Oh yeah? Well, you know what? Now I don’t care. I’m going to punish you anyway…”

Their laughter was getting louder and merrier by the second now.

“…because I don’t believe you!”

Julia was messing his hair with a subtle cuteness that was making me tap my right foot inaudibly on the ground and kick the poor saplings poking their heads out here and there.

“Enough!”, I said, fire raging in my eyes when I couldn’t take it anymore.

What I didn’t realise was, I was a little too loud. And before I knew, Travis wasn’t standing in front of me anymore.

He was bawled on the ground, his eyes full of shock and disbelief.

Damn! Did I just push him?

This is bad.

Lee and Julia were staring at us from the distance, their mouths gaped open in horror.

“I..I’m sorry! I didn’t….”, I fumbled for the right words.

His mouth quivered a few times and I realised he wanted to say something, but wasn’t sure if he should.
I took the liberty of imagining dark, black smoke dissipating from his demeanor, engulfing him from head to toe.

Someone stop these goosebumps!

“I’m sorry Travis! I really didn’t mean to do that. I don’t know how that happened! “, I apologised, my voice trembling at the gruesome anticipation of the forecoming events.

He’ll definitely reveal your secret now. He knows you’re bluffing that you don’t care. Oh God, look at his face. I think he’s gonna hit me any minute. No, any second now!

After a round of countless internal screaming, as I looked at him again I found he was already back up on his feet.

Ah! You should have offered your hand for help , stupid.

Rubbing off the dust from his back, his eyes settled back on me.

An icy sweat trickled across my forehead and dropped gleefully into my eye. Let’s not talk about the stinging sensation that followed, okay?

“Umm Travis, please listen to me first. I really didn’t mean…”

“You’re strong”, he cut me off mid sentence.

Wait, what? This is his response?

“Huh?”, I couldn’t believe my ears. Could you blame me?

“I’ll be going now. At least someone has to work here”, he said, before sauntering back inside the cafe.

I stood there for the next ten minutes, I’m sure. Or may be not, because someone shook me off my trance just a little later.

“What just happened?”, Julia’s eyes were sparkling in excitement. Lee, who was behind her, nodded at my direction before going back inside.

I smiled back, I think.

“Girl, did you just push Travis Williams to the ground?”, she said, placing her palm over her mouth as she desperately tried to suppress a laughter.

Yeah, I did. All thanks to you, now I’m really dead.

“It was an accident”, I somehow managed to say, averting her eyes.

“It didn’t look like it though”, she winked and nudged me on my arm with her right elbow.

And from the farthest corner of my eyes, I caught a movement so slight that it could almost be passed for nothing.

But it wasn’t nothing. It was Travis Williams and he was looking towards my direction from behind a window.

And I think, he was wearing something on his lips. A little faint and obscure behind the veil of the moist glass, but I could still see it.

A smirk.

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