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This is what Parents must understand! 

A fourteen year old boy

jumped off the roof of his building, courtesy to a suicide game he was playing. Yes, you read that correct, a suicide game. The game demands 50 unique dares, the last one being attempting suicide.

You must be wondering why would a sane mind do that? Well, it won’t but we are talking about troubled children here, and with children it’s always hard to say.
Now I’m not here to play the blame game, ’cause that’s a horrible thing to do.

I’m just trying to point out some seemingly not-so-important mistakes by parents (not all, of course) these days.
You might be thinking who am I to say that? I’m not even a parent yet.
But I’m an elder sister to many, so may be I do get to say something. Don’t I?
Parents love their kids, and that’s an obvious thing to say, I know. But love should be bound with some rules and regulations that we have been following since time immemorial.
Just as love turning into obsession is not good for the people we care about, love that keeps us sans logic, is not the correct thing to do either.
When Parents give away smartphones to their kids to please them, it comes with a lot other unspoken freedoms. They sign up for facebook, and similar other social networking platforms. They engage into conversations with strangers, something that parents have always prohibited for their children .
“Don’t talk to a stranger!” It sounds a little counterintuitive now, doesn’t it?
There’s no harm in letting your kids play games on your phone under your supervision.


But does it seem right for a child in fifth standard to own a mobile phone?

Is it right to allow technology to shape and mould children’s personalities? No matter how strong a grip technology has over our lives these days, shouldn’t we be a little more cautious and responsible when it comes to the children, the future of our civilisation?
So may be instead of handing out phones for them to play, can’t we gift them bats, balls, rackets and skateboards? Yeah, they might come home with cuts and scratches, but they would lead a healthier life in the midst of Nature, right?


I know I’ve only stated the obvious. But I had to.
Thanks for reading!



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33 thoughts on “This is what Parents must understand! 

  1. A post worth reading and discussing…Coincidentally, my friends and I had a similar discussion on the dangers of video game obsession, and about how our younger siblings don’t know most of the outdoor games we used to play when we were kids. I love gaming, but I would rather not get obsessed with it.
    Thank you for this post😊

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  2. You make some very pertinent points here. Unfortunately today even if parents try to be different, kids face a lot of peer pressure at school and othe places. That’s another source of anxiety and depression for them. The trouble is we are looking at disciplining and freedom the wrong way. A little restraint teaches children direction. But the whole society must enforce that, not just one singular faction.

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    1. I know. Even my brother nags for a phone because all his friends already own one. I just wanted to say that as Parents have the highest authority, they can spend some quality time (at least try to) with their children rather than gifting smartphones to cheer them up..not trying to lecture here or anything, just sharing a thought..

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  3. My God, “the suicide game”? What the heck type of game is THAT? THAT IS HORRIBLE, WHAT THE HECK. SUICIDE IS NO GAME, KIDS. You don’t respawn afterward. . . 😦 What is this world coming to?

    I completely agree with what you’re saying about the phones in 5th and all that. This is what I try to tell my peers, but they look at me like I’ve got a screw loose. I’ve seen 5 YEAR OLDS with phones, and I was horrified.

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    1. Yes. If you watched the movie ‘NERVE’, this game is almost like that..but in REALITY. I was utterly shocked myself.

      And I’m truly glad you feel the same way..even though your peers think otherwise, it’s nice to hear that you stand firm by your opinion! 🙂

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  4. The generation today is more of a self reliant category. We parents are only a source of getting most things to their reach and rest they pick up themselves, through peers, friends and alot of self learning. We as parents too on the other hand have become over protective rather than obsessed. We dont want them to get hurt or bruised but on the other hand we want them to understand what pain is.
    We parents too have to take that initiative of keeping away technology associated things away when it is time for them to play, get their hands dirty, toil in soil and much more. Rather we are making things too comfortable for them.

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  5. This is what I call as “digital Heroin” . Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices can be so stimulating and entertaining that they override all those natural instincts that children actually have for movement and exploration and social interaction. It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure their kids don’t get into this situation. Too many parents these days have a hard time saying “no!” Often it is hard to tell who is in control, the parents or their kids and sadly technology is a queer thing. It brings you gifts with one hand, and stabs you in the back with the other.

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    1. I intentionally didn’t mention the name of the game..
      I don’t exactly blame the Internet, not the Parents either, as I said I’m not going to play the blame game..I just wanted to say that children need to be directed properly, and without that they are going to lose the right path..


  6. Suicide game? I wasn’t even aware such a thing existed… you’ve raised some very important issues here. Technology is a worryingly huge presence in the lives of children now. I recently saw a children’s book where the fictional dad gave the child a mobile phone and it was just treated as such a normal thing. I know times have changed but the boundaries are sadly a very grey area. Great work x

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