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Feature Fridays #12


Short tale by Cheila 🙂


While he looked in her eyes, he saw another woman. He wanted to see her for herself, but he couldn’t help it. He had loved her first. Before. He couldn’t let go of her.
– She’s so beautiful. What’s her name?
He looked up. The lady had kind, wondering eyes.
– Emily. That’s her name.
The lady answered with a big smile. 
-That’s such a beautiful name. A pretty name for a pretty girl.
He smiled. He thought about the other pretty girl. Her name was Emily too. She was the one who taught him about love. She was also the one who had made him a dad. “A single dad” he thought as he painfully reminded himself that she was no longer there. His first Emily was gone, but had left the most beautiful gift. 




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17 thoughts on “Feature Fridays #12

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    Today I got the first piece of fiction I’ve written in years featured by one of my dear friends, favorite bloggers and bumblebee magazine colleagues (the founder and editor-in-chief, actually) on series #Feature Friday. I’m so grateful and proud. ❤

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      1. I’m terrible😩😩😩 I’m so sorry💕💕💕
        I’ve barely been checking my email, I need to turn off WordPress notifications because I’m notified every time someone posts or I have a comment needing to be accepted so that’s all I usually see. I’m okay love, I’ve just been preparing for these changes. I hope all is well with you💖💖


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