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Book Review: Kansa (The Killer Trilogy #1)

Title : Kansa (The Killer Trilogy #1)
Author : Prassant Kevin
Pages : 398
Publisher : Inked Company
ISBN : 978-8193240526

Story :

Forty pregnant women were kidnapped and killed over a span of ten years by a faceless killer who soon earned the household name of Kansa, the child killer. For five long years, he had been silent until emerging again and unleashing his terror upon his new victim, Maher. But unlike anyone until then, Maher escapes and lives to tell the details of those horrifying days of torture to ACP Saargi Desai and Professor Black. And may be, the Professor is their only hope to end the dark terror by the Nation’s most wanted criminal.


Review :

For sketching up the review, let’s first discuss the things that I really liked and enjoyed.
Professor Black is a treat to the readers in the form of a protagonist. While he himself has a shady past, and is quite reputed to be an alcoholic, aggressive, super intelligent and of course, dead handsome, there is nothing about him that I disliked. He is perfect in a flawed way. He is not pure, neither does he claim to be. And above all, he is a killer. He believes in justice and it doesn’t matter however it might be delivered.

Apart from his fascinating character, I really enjoyed the intense chemistry that he shared with Saargi. ACP Saargi Desai is strong and determined and so when they meet, something ignites, and lits up the reader’s mind.

I liked how the story is fast paced, and there wasn’t any boring second when I had to skip a few words to the next interesting part. The font is large enough for the story to be completed in one sitting or within a day or two.
The story has twists and turns, leading from one mystery to another as you keep guessing who the real killer might be.
The plot is strong and tense with suspense that might just kill you. Okay, may be not kill you in the real sense, but you’ll definitely want to keep turning the pages.

Now let’s discuss those facts that I didn’t really like or enjoy.
Though the plot is firm and interesting, it’s not anything new. I found a few grammatical errors in the print edition, which I’m sure are typos. So I think the editing had to be done a little more thoroughly. I would also have loved to explore the story from other angles, but it flowed almost rapidly, so there was no such scope to delve deeper into our protagonists’ or antagonists’ inner thoughts.

There were times when I felt like the story was being rushed a little. I didn’t really mind, but as a reader I would have loved to read a little more about what happened in the middle.

Would I recommend this book? Oh yeah! If you are a digger for thriller or  crime novels, just grab this one.  Go ahead and test your wits and try catching or guessing the killer yourself. The language is lucid and easy to pick up, so first time readers can also easily try this out as their first novel of the genre. I would rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars. I really loved the unexpected ending, which just makes the reader beg for more. I’m sure Professor Black will not fail to amuse us in the future as well.

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I received a review copy from the author, which did not bias my opinions in any way.

About the Author :


One of three children, Kevin was born and raised in a close-knit family in New Delhi. He was always more inclined towards sports and literature. Kevin left his schooling after the twelfth standard to study story-writing and after two break years, returned to complete his education from the CBSE Board. After school, Kevin pursued his childhood dream and studied Major in Film Direction. He went on to direct a Hindi feature film, several short films and music videos.
In the winter of 2013, he finally decided to turn one of his oldest written film screenplays into a fully-fledged English novel. That is how, ‘Let Me Go: The Last Love Story of the Universe’, his first English novel came to life. He currently resides in New Delhi and is working on his second book.

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