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Book Review: Canvas of a Mind by Purba Chakraborty

Title : Canvas of a Mind

: Purba Chakraborty


: 168

: 978-93-86487-22-3

Story :

Two sisters Akashi and Ipsha live a happy, tranquil life in the picturesque hill station of Kalimpong, West Bengal. But then a faceless stalker comes to town turning their lives upside down. He claims to love Ipsha, while sending her love notes and playing a haunting tune on his harmonica. While Ipsha gets bewitched by his incessant charm, it is up to Akashi to bring her sister out of this mess. What she doesn’t realise is there’s more to the mystery than meets the eye.

Review :

The story narrates a wonderful and loving tale of two sisters, who mean the world to each other. They are orphans, but they have taken good care of themselves amidst friends, and caring neighbours. Akashi and Ipsha share a strong bond that is quite envious.

I loved how the story starts with a little introduction of their happy lives, while the prologue is unimaginably in contrast to that. It evokes a thought in the reader’s mind to learn what happened or how that happened. So naturally, I kept reading intently in between the lines to sketch a thorough understanding of how things turned out to be the way mentioned in the prologue.

And then the arrival of the stranger was yet another thing to watch out for. He comes like a wind, kicking up mystery dust all around him. So while you can feel his strong presence in their lives, you can’t see him. I loved this mysterious element. And then suddenly, when you were expecting the least, the strangers comes into the light out of nowhere. So there’s an element of surprise as well.

Akashi’s boyfriend Vihaan has a very small role in the beginning, but I loved how the author introduces him again in the later part of the story, where we can see a more developed Vihaan. I guess we grow up every minute, both physically and mentally.

I’m a little sad because things happened so fast towards the end. It almost felt like every page has a little revelation. I wish there were more elaboration. I was so engrossed reading that I didn’t even realise that I had reached the last page of the story. The writing is really easy to grasp, so even non readers can give it a try. I think I would love to see it as a movie or series one day.

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend it to thriller junkies, because this book will definitely satiate your appetite. Canvas of a Mind is a suspenseful thriller, and believe me everything will make super sense once you reach the climax. You are in for a little surprise, because the ending is unexpected.

I received a review copy from the author, which did not bias my opinions in any way. 

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About the Author


Purba Chakraborty is born to a Bengali family in Kolkata on 17th June, 1990. She is a content developer/writer by profession, author by passion and a blogger by choice. She has authored two books ‘WALKING IN THE STREETS OF LOVE AND DESTINY’(2012) and “THE HIDDEN LETTERS…”(2014. Many of her short stories and poems have been published in magazines and anthologies namely “Stories for your valentine” and “Fusion-A mingled flavour mocktail”. She is currently working on her next manuscript.


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