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Book Review: The Oaken Envoy by Tucker Taussig 

Title : The Oaken Envoy

: Tucker Taussig

: Michael Terence Publishing

: 251

: 978-1-521-96237-4 

Story :

Newly evicted, Orphan Lenny rescues a Yorkshire Terrier named Nook, who was born off the Royal litter and decides to usher it safely back to the mountain top, where King Oaken and his family recides. All he hopes for is a decent boon in exchange, so that he can start a new life. But his journey twists and turns to outcomes one could have never imagined.


The story is set in the southwestern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, which follows Lenny, an orphan, who has been a victim of the cult that took his vocal chords as an infant.
He is apprehensive of the cruel world around him, always on his toes, his hand slipping with ease to hold the base of his prized possession, his gun, and aim it at anyone who seems out of place.

Lenny journeys as a yearling from the wretched, yet the relative comfort of Aspenwood Orphanage, to find his way to the illustrious Oaken Family through the gates of the sparse village of Beaver Creek, right to the Officers of Order patrolled Peregrine. In a land where people shoot at one another without qualms, Lenny’s survival skills are remarkably astounding. It does make him face the music some times, but he has a strong soul determined to cling to life no matter what.

The author makes sure the reader does not miss a single detail of Lenny’s activities and their repercussions. One second things look pretty normal and fine, and the very next everything goes falling apart. And I can’t deny this incessant charm I have developed for the little terrier. I wish I could cuddle her in real life. *sigh*

I loved how Lenny realises that all he has for real is the ever-growing bond of friendship he shares with Nook. His gradual transition from boyhood to manhood is really something to read about. The story is taut with adventure, suspense and thrill which makes the reader scrutinise each of the characters Lenny meets in his journey.

The author could successfully portray the life of an orphan in a world where there is little compassion. I really loved how Lenny gets back up to his feet all the time, and fights back. He is mute, yet stronger than many! Life has not been fair to him, and so he grew up to be someone who could kill without battering an eyelid. But for crying out loud, all he wants is just a normal and safe life in tranquility.

The Oaken Envoy is a relish read, that settles in your heart and lightens it up, as you find yourself in Lenny’s shoes and tend to stay there despite the insurmountable odds stacked up against him and the hardships he encounters.

In this era of quirky plots and light headed novels, a literary work as sumptuous as this one is a rare gem. It is a work composed with care and dedication, and it sure has the potential to become a classic some day!
I’m impatiently awaiting the second installment to Lenny’s story though I don’t know if the author has any such plans. But I’m sure this can’t just be the end, this is infact the beginning.

I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. If you have been following my reviews closely, you must already know I don’t easily give away all my stars even to the greatest of stories, but in  this case, I just couldn’t resist. I recommend this book to all the literature lovers out there, for this story has been knitted in a way that is out of the world. This book deserves all the attention it could get.

I duly thank the author for providing me with a review copy. My views and opinions are entirely unbiased and uninfluenced.

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About the Author :

As a Colorado native of 26 years, Tucker enjoys skiing, hiking, and many other of the wonderful activities the state provides.
His pets – two dogs and a rabbit – have provided invaluable inspiration and companionship over the years.
Currently, Tucker lives in the Glenwood Springs area, where he attends classes at Colorado Mountain College while working as a chef for a local nursing home.

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