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20 Reasons to visit Shillong, Meghalaya (Part one)

Shillong in Meghalaya, India is one of those places who never fails to mesmerise you with her daunting beauty and aesthetic satisfaction. Often referred to as ‘The Scotland of the East’, what makes Shillong even more special is her picturesque town bustling with jolly folks.

A perfect friends and family getaway, with easy communication services. You can simply board a flight to Shillong Airport or even travel by train via Guwahati. From Guwahati we had availed a car and drove through the beautiful four-lane National Highway up to Shillong.
While there might be many other places on your holiday list right now, I can state you 20 major reasons to visit Shillong! Check them out below.

1. Come fall in love

A Khasi woman with her child; Copyright © TheGirlOnTheGo’s Blog 2017

You knew this was coming right? Well, if you have read this post of mine, you surely anticipated this point, but if you didn’t, do give it a read. So just as I said, the folks are jolly and quite helpful. They understand Hindi, Bengali and even English. So I don’t think communication is a big deal here. There are many ways to fall in love with someone. It doesn’t always have to be the kind of love you are thinking of right now. You can fall in love with the people and their way of living. I’m sure if you chat with the local folks, you’ll make friends sooner.

2. Beautiful Nature

It’s breathtaking! ‘Beautiful’ is underrated. You can go for a leisurely walk up and down the meandering trail of the hills and breathe in the beautiful fresh air to your satisfaction.

3. Try their cuisine

If you want to taste authentic North-east Indian food, Shillong nestles many such restaurants and cafeterias to whet your appetite! And I just discovered a very quaint food website to guide you to the best in this case. Read all about it here.

4. Police Bazaar and Boro Bazaar 

What good is your tour if it’s sans shopping? Police bazaar and Boro Bazaar are the main market places situated adjacent to each other. Garments, bags, umbrellas, you can shop here to your heart’s desire! But be advised, if you want to buy little tokens and gifts for your friends and relatives back home, you won’t be able to get them here. I will let you know in the points to come about where you can buy them.

5. Don Bosco Square 

Copyright © TheGirlOnTheGo’s Blog 2017

People staying at Police bazaar are unlikely to visit this place because it’s school and college area. But we were very lucky that our guest house was located right here. Every morning, I would wake up early and run to the balcony to get a nice shot of the Don Bosco Square bustling with school students. It was such a lovely sight, which made me feel tremendously sad because I missed my school days. The girls dressed so pretty with coloring school uniforms and the little boys looked cute too! Some were holding their best friends‘ hands while others were clinging to their parents. All in all, it was an adorable sight to devour. Plus, the famous Café Shillong is located right here. Another reason to visit!

6. Lady Hydari Park and Shillong peak

The park is so pretty, harbouring a small zoo in it. The zoo has bears and myriad kinds of owls. It’s a must visit under local sightseeing. And then comes Shillong peak. You have to go there if you want to catch a breathtaking view of the entire town of Shillong.

7. Public transport 

You must avail the public transport if you want to enjoy the personal taste of Shillong. And no, I don’t mean taxis. The buses! They are so methodical and maintained. Seats are adequate and buses are frequent. It’s cheap and enjoyable too! Some buses look really funny if you ask me, because their fronts are exactly like trucks! Yeah , no kidding. Sorry I couldn’t take a picture personally, but I searched it up on the Internet and found this :


Looks like a truck, right? Courtesy: India Travel & Photography Blog

8. Enjoy the mystifying climate

Shillong is one adorably weird place. Wrapped around by clouds grey and tar, you’ll always find this beautiful city under the condescending shadow of the Rain God. But wait, that’s not what makes it weird. One moment, you may find yourself trapped under a heavy downpour that has surprised you with an unannounced visit, and the very next you’ll feel your cheeks kissed with the brilliant rays of the Sun! Doesn’t that sound magical?

9. The India International Cherry blossom Festival 

The festival that Japan is the most famous for is not so exclusive anymore! Shillong is hosting the second ‘India International Cherry Blossom Festival’ this year from November 8 – 11. Book your tickets now if you love cherry blossoms! Ahh…pink 😍 And just the perfect backdrop for your blooming romance! 😍💖

10.  The Ultimate paradise for music lovers

Shillong is an abode to music lovers. All throughout the year, you’ll find musical concerts held by artists from different corners of the world! Pay a visit and please your ears!

That’s it for now. If these weren’t enough, then wait for Part Two because they are even more persuasive!   Or have you visited this place too? Do share your experience in the comments 😊

So are you convinced that you should visit this place (if you haven’t already) ? If not, then the next 10 points on my next post would get the job done. Part two coming up soon! 😁

25 thoughts on “20 Reasons to visit Shillong, Meghalaya (Part one)”

  1. Truly truly beautiful. Always wanted to visit, but always got caught up with something everytime i planned a trip. This post just might give me the right push. The cherry blossom festival sounds like the perfect oppurtunity.
    Waiting for the second part.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Even people I know have encountered the same problem. Planned the trip, but somehow couldn’t visit! I wish you go there soon and enjoy to the fullest. And if you can visit during the festival, then that would be really awesome! Afterall cherry blossoms in India are rare 😊
      Glad you liked my post, and I’ll post the second part soon. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. December! That’s a beautiful time to visit. You have a wonderful opportunity to experience the nonpareil beauty of the Dawki River. ONLY during winter, the river water turns crystal clear and one can completely see the stone studded river bed below. And the boats seem to be floating in the air! I guess you knew that already, but it still felt nice to give this info to someone, haha 😅 I’m truly glad this post was helpful, but this is only the first part. The second part will be posted soon with the next 10 reasons. Do give it a read if you want to know more about it. 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Those blooming cherry trees add a touch of magic to the landscape. We visited in December, a little too late for the blossoms, but we had a magical time. Low clouds, misty mornings, long walks, and of course gorging in local dishes were the highlights of our stay in Shillong.

    Liked by 1 person

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