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How to get your book sold : Tips and Tricks!

From all the obvious points to the not so obvious ones, today I’m going to tell you what are the key features that can make your book sell easy. Not all beginners get to bag a well known publisher, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your book out there, does it? All the points and tips mentioned below have been made from a reader as well as a reviewer’s point of view, so I believe these will be quite helpful if you are yet or about to publish your debut novel.

1. Book Cover

Well, starting with a very obvious one, having an irresistible cover for your book will definitely attract the readers’ attention. Well, admit it or not, we all do get attracted by the cover if it’s something catchy, or simply colorful. But not too tacky. May be we don’t judge a book by its cover but first impressions always count, don’t they? Even bees drink the nectar from the flowers that are attractive and conspicuous! Nowadays, with photoshop and other editors available for free in the internet, anybody can be a designer. But if you still need a recommendation, try . It’s amazingly easy, free and effective!

2. Title of the Story 

If the title of your story is dull and boring, nobody will even spare another second to look at the synopsis. So after being done setting up your book cover, make sure you choose the title well and print it down in the most appropriate font and design.

3. Blurb

A good book is nothing without a good synopsis. If the blurb of your story fails to pique the readers’ interests, they wouldn’t care to check out the rest. So make sure your blurb has enough elements to make your story look more tantalising without giving away any spoilers. Not too much yet not too little.

4. Prologue/ First Chapter

And then after being interested by the blurb, they will turn the pages of the book and read a few lines. That’s where you need to seal the deal! Because that’s where the reader will decide if he’ll finally buy the book or not. The starting should be kick-ass and thrilling enough for the reader to keep turning the pages. But the writing is not the only deciding factor. Your book must be thoroughly proofread and edited, because nothing’s more appalling than a poorly edited book.

5. Internet presence 

You can’t just publish your book, sit still and hope that it turns out to be a bestseller soon, can you? So what else can you do? Create a massive Internet presence for your book. The greater the presence, the greater recognition it receives. Create pages dedicated to your book on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Monetise it if possible, and share with a larger audience. Ask your friends to help in promoting too, and believe me , every single helping hand counts. You can even make a creative book trailer for your novel and post it to as many sites as possible. It does intrigue the readers, and if lucky, the reviewers too!

6. Get your book reviewed

As already mentioned in the last point, getting your book reviewed is one major milestone. And the most assuring fact is, in this world of evolving bloggers, finding one is not that tough a job. And if your book looks good enough, you might as well get approached directly by one too! Being a reviewer myself, I know how much we hate to miss out an opportunity to discover a story fresh out of the ink! But don’t always expect perfect scores. Note down all the constructive criticisms coming from them, because tomorrow you will be going to need them if you want to grow better as a writer.

7. Hosting Giveaways 

Another simple way of getting your book discovered is by hosting giveaways. But there’s a catch. Always be sure that the giveaway you’re hosting is being targeted to the right audience. People who doesn’t like to read will participate too, because c’mon, let’s face the truth! Everybody loves free stuff. But then you will never get the review or even a tinge bit of feedback on your book. So that will never serve the purpose. Therefore, choosing the right platform for hosting your giveaway is one essential task. But that is not all. Don’t be geographically limited. Hosting an international giveaway earns way more recognition for your book than going domestic. Goodreads and Instagram are two very effective platforms for giveaways.

8. Author website

After getting to know about your book, people will want to know about you too. So create a website dedicated to you and your works. If you don’t want to reveal your identity,  then just go with an interesting author bio. That would do too. Because if people search up your name and finds nothing about you, they will be disappointed. And the most important thing is, don’t forget to create a contact page along with it. Folks from the media and other reviewers would like to talk to you for simple book questions and review copies, so you don’t wanna turn them away. Always be friendly in your approach and reply to emails within a courteous time.

9. Set an attractive price

Since you are yet to be recognised properly, set a price for your book that is affordable and attractive at the same time. Don’t let the reader have second thoughts for buying your book, because the minute they do, you are done for.

10. Create competitions 

Hold easy and interesting competitions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and keep the prize as a physical copy of your book. People love to win something and they will treat your book as a prized possession. But then again, don’t narrow your borders. Go International!

Hopefully these tips work out well for you!

Meanwhile, here is what some of my fellow intagrammers had to say about the first thing that attracts them about a book. 

If you have some other suggestions for budding writers, do share them down below in the comments! 

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23 thoughts on “How to get your book sold : Tips and Tricks!”

    1. Hi, thanks! Well it’s an online event that anybody can hold. You just decide what you want to give away for free to your audience, it can be anything: a book, make up, merchandise, basically anything and then you ask people to enter and after that you choose one winner or multiple winners at random! Then you just ship those items to their addresses 🙂

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  1. An informative post!!!! Hence I am not a book writer but this information will help me a lot in Future!!!
    In my opinions I generally get attracted by the Title of the Book!!! but the part that attracts me most from the book is the Story of it!!!
    Nice Tips!!!!!
    If you don’t mind, I wanted to learn Tips to promote a Blog!!! If you can write a complete post explaining all Tips for me on your Blog!!! Hence it can be a useful post for all the Bloggers!!
    Once Again a nice post!!!
    Have a Nice day!!!!

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  2. I love the last GIF because Nyle DiMarco is one of my favorite people. Anyway, I am straying from the topic at hand.

    While reading the post, I was ticking them off and going ‘yes’, ‘yes’, and ‘YES!’. As a reader, I tend to sometimes forgo the cover if it’s unattractive and give the book a go for the title or plot. Great post!

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  3. Your post was so relatable..True..This is what every reader looks for before opting it..
    Was really beneficial..I am about to finish a book and got really influenced through the internet influence point..Will surely promote my book on the networking sites..
    Thank you for the informative post💓
    If you don’t mind replying, I wanted to ask that I am just about to finish my book… Could you help me to publish?

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