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Book Review : First Came Forever by Annie Woods

Title : First Came Forever ( The Angelheart saga, book 1)

Author : Annie Woods

Publisher : Vanguard Press

Pages : 322

ISBN : 978 1 784652 61 6

Story :
Erica Lindell, a teenager meets the strangely handsome Sasha Ailes on a backpacking vacation with her friends. Falling for him was never the plan, but she does anyway and eventually learns that Sasha may not be the person he claims to be. Her choices will decide their future, if she’s ready enough to sacrifice for love.

Review :
The story caught my attention in the first place by the prospect of falling in love on a vacation. It intrigues me because I fell in love in similar situations and it had been magical. Keeping this personal tag aside, let’s head on to the story. So Erica is an ordinary girl, having the time of her life vacationing with her friends, but things don’t go the way she had expected, which is why she parts with them and continues the journey alone. And that’s where she meets Sasha, and Oh man, isn’t he gorgeous! Of course she had to fall for him, not just for his outstanding looks, but for the way he treated her. He was everything she could ever wish for. But may be Sasha isn’t exactly the person he claims to be.

I love how Sasha drips with mystery. It makes him look even more irresistible. Soon Erica learns that Sasha is after all the Prince of Andonia! Well, it’s not exactly a spoiler, because right from the very first word of the chapter where you get introduced to Sasha, this is quite clear and evident. So chill, okay? 😅

Unsure at first, Erica soon accepts this truth about him. And reality hits hard when Erica shifts to the USA with her father. But, they soon find a way of staying close as Sasha decides to move on with the project of New Hope (you’ll learn all about it when you read the book).

But new place means new friends, and most importantly, boys. So it turned out to be quite interesting for Erica. I loved how Erica is a normal girl just like any other teenager. She’s not overwhelmed by the prospect of being a princess, rather she’s worried about her dream of working with doctors beyond borders.

The story is fresh and well built, covering everything from love, friendship, to jealousy and misunderstandings. I was a little worried initially as I thought it might turn out to be similar to the Prince and Me movies, but thank God! It’s nothing like that.
The characters are quite realistic and imaginable. The language is quite rich but the thing that didn’t really click with me is the writing style. I would have enjoyed a more suspenseful narration, something that made the incidents a little more unpredictable. But this fact can easily be ignored as the story is compelling enough to overshadow it. So no problem.

The story ends with a tragedy, but I’m hopeful that things are going to look better in the next book. And I really wish Erica gives the other guy a chance (not revealing his name ’cause that would really be a spoiler!), because he deserves one for sure!

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 Stars. For all young adult romance lovers, go and grab this book as soon as possible. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to read it, and I’m eagerly and quite impatiently waiting for the next book in the series. First Came Forever is special in so many ways, it’s a story where fairytales come true, instigating the princesses in us. But yeah, that doesn’t mean guys can’t have a go at it 😛 unless, of course, you want to miss discovering an enchanting story :’)

I received a review copy from the author for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

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About the Author :

Annie Woods is a Swedish author, who has spent a lot of time in the USA and UK. Currently she’s partly living in the US, dividing her time between Stockholm and New York.
​Reading has always been a big part of her life. She’s especially addicted to YA and teen love stories. The books she read as a teenager have stuck with her through life and she still loves YA books more than any other kind of literature.

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