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Book Review : The Christmas Gate by T.A. Cline

Title : The Christmas Gate

Author : T.A. Cline

Publisher : Tate Publishing

Pages : 100

ISBN : 978-1-68333-870-3

Story :

Robert Robinson is a renowned author of two mystery novels but his pride soon comes in the way of his work ethics as a result of which he fails to fulfill a three book contract  earning the wrath of his editor Jim. Soon Jim gives Robert, aka Bobby an ultimatum that he could either face legal action, or travel to the editor’s farmhouse in upstate New York to complete the manuscript with no distractions. And well, his decision  (quite the obvious one) changes everything.

Review :

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading this book. I mean it was evident enough that the story would revolve around Christmas but I wasn’t sure where it would lead to. A little narrative at first, Bobby being the only character at play throughout most of the chapters, I presumed that it would be something closer to a learning experience. But Oh boy, it was so much more!

Bobby gets the farm house all to himself except for the occasional visits by a young lady named Patricia, the caretaker’s daughter. Consumed by pride, he automatically assumes her to fall head over heels for him when they meet, but he was in for a surprise. She turned out to be one tough lady, with a pretty cold exterior unlike any woman he met in his life before. Soon he learns that she had been grieving over the loss of her late husband.

The emptiness of the surroundings and the vast farmhouse piques his curiosity, and he goes around exploring. That’s when he discovers an odd arrangement of a room in the basement which leads him to a hollow compartment behind the walls, that concealed an old mysterious box, along with a Key. Expecting of course, to find gold and jewels inside, he tries opening it with the Key. Much to his disappointment, the contents turned out to be something else altogether. Now I’m not revealing them as I don’t want to spoil the mystery for you if you haven’t read the book yet.

I wish I could write further than this, but I always write a spoiler free review, and I don’t want to break that custom ever. Now that is my work ethics 😉

Anyway, my heart is overflowing with emotions right now because this book was so much more than being just an ordinary Christmas Story. There were moments when I cried out loud and moments when I shed silent tears. I don’t think I will be able to see Christmas the same way anymore because this book has definitely influenced my perception.

Initially with all the descriptions of the narrator’s whereabouts, I was beginning to think that the story would shape up into a monotonous narration of Bobby’s introspection. But that was when I had no idea where it was leading to. Everything changed when Bobby discovered the box. I couldn’t put the book down. I knew I had to finish it in one sitting. And so I did.

I had no idea what the story had done to me until I was finished with the book and looked around me. My cheeks were wet and I had no track of time. In a nutshell,  the story placed forth some really strong Christian beliefs centering mostly around one word, and one emotion, Love.

Rating? Well take all my stars please! It definitely deserves 5 out of 5 Stars! And the most beautiful thing is that there’s a Part 2 which I’m hoping to read soon. And obviously, I couldn’t be any more excited to read it! I would recommend this book to all of you lovely souls out there. I repeat, ALL OF YOU. No matter what your age is, or what is your favourite genre, this book is for you. Just go and read it, no more discussion! 😁

The Christmas Gate is a story that nudges the gate to our inner conscience , making us wonder about our ethics and principles and how mankind has changed over the years. We all have got something or the other to learn from it.

I received a review copy from the author for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

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He is what you call a late bloomer, an old farmer turned author. If he had to describe himself, it would be, “A Christian Farmer Storyteller,” if he could leave a legacy that would be good enough for him. He was sixty-three when he started to write his first novel, “Archomai, The Prince, The Scepter, And The Shield.” He has always wanted to write, and now he is seeing that dream come true. 

Review by ©TheGirlOnTheGo  (wordscantfathom.wordpress.com)

5 thoughts on “Book Review : The Christmas Gate by T.A. Cline”

  1. I enjoy first seeing the usual process – oo book ! The a lil teaser of it – – I like yours dancing the knife edges if spoiling likely not spoiling a thing hahaha! Then – the courtesy reminder this may find criticism in the detail of it being a gift 🙂 this is thus genuine to me – others can decide as they feel but there’s no overt Unfairness 🙂 well reviewed! :). What is also nice the most touching of all to me is how you interact a moment! I’m reminded as my offering coming soon 😉 (with luck hurry up glasses! I’d like to proof mine!!! Rrrgh!!) is how important connection is. It may not be any more than a good tale told or it might be a rouge meeting of meaning! But the hope of working to word out is shown :). Including the coy use of York peppermint patties 😉 I wonder nah I know I’m more of a funny ‘j , backless e’ guy. With pulp-arindo punny of course me.

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