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A Face in the Mirror (poem)

A Face in the Mirror…

I see through the cracks in the mirror, when little do I care,

Of everything I’ve lost, and everything I held dear ;

With a divine Valerie, I see your face shimmer, 

But when I swirl my fingers, you just disappear! 

As You danced your way through my existential calamity, 

How did you leak the hues into my ashen reality? 

Because when I can only hope to die and be gone, 

Tell me, why do I still want to hold on? 


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Constructive criticism encouraged 😊

Copyright @TheGirlOnTheGo’s Blog 2018

189 thoughts on “A Face in the Mirror (poem)”

  1. I love your poetry. You have a way with words so astounding that you find just the perfect words. Check my blog too. I would really appreciate it.


  2. I like the feeling of movement in this poem. There’s always something to learn from existential calamities and the girl in the mirror, but then, we move forward.


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