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How Social media platforms work! 

So I hit 50 followers on twitter and

couldn’t be any happier about it. Come to think of it, it was a lot easier than Instagram.

Is it because Twitter has more friendly people? No? Then why?

I know most of you have probably noticed how things go around in Instagram. Sometimes you get followed and the moment you follow back you lose that follower! I mean why? What kinda game (should I call it sick? May be I should!) is that? You follow only to unfollow the minute you get followed back? I’d call it rather rude.

What I genuinely believe is, if you like an insta feed you should follow it. If the person follows back, it great! If he/she doesn’t, then it’s okay. It’s their choice. But following people randomly and waiting for them to follow you back just so you can unfollow them that very second is so so bad and uncouth.

But don’t get me wrong peeps, this post is in no way a rambling. I’m genuinely glad that Twitter is turning out to be so better than Instagram. And there’s just another thing that I just have to add. My fellow bloggers who follow me out there on Insta are in no way similar to the weird folks I mentioned before. Just like here in WordPress, they are really kind, supportive and friendly there as well. I guess that’s why I’m still an active Instagramer! 😁

Thank you so much guys for your constant love and support! 😘
So what do you feel about Instagram and Twitter? You might as well have had a different experience, so feel free to share as I’d be happy to listen! 😊

39 thoughts on “How Social media platforms work! ”

  1. That whole follow/unfollow is annoying! 😣

    When someone follows me, I check their lists. If they have like 5000 followers and are only following a small fraction of that – I don’t even bother. They’ll get the message in a day or two. 😀 Large followings mean nothing if there’s no engagement or interaction. 😉

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  2. I like Instagram better. The follow/unfollow thing is annoying so you know what I do? I don’t follow anyone back unless they’re fellow bloggers or people I know. I stopped caring about numbers so I don’t follow anyone back unless I really like their account or know them (online or in real life). People who follow me eventually unfollow because I don’t follow back and I don’t care at all

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  3. I am so happy that you’re enjoying the Twitter experience! It’s the best social platform in my opinion. 🙂 As for Instagram, I tend to follow fellow bloggers and travel accounts.

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  4. I suppose it depends whether you are doing it for numbers or engagement. I run my works social media and have a different policy to my private stuff. Work is all about numbers, and then trying to get engagement, private is about enjoying it, I’m do this to be social not to market 😉 I think that’s how it’s different for me.

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    1. Maintaining both personal and professional huh? Hmm..that’s clever 😉
      Yeo, I totally agree with you. The numbers never bother me though..I just found it irksome that some people keep administering this follow-unfollow agenda..but now I just don’t care about that either!

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  5. Totally agree about people who follow to unfollow! I actually just follow people/groups I know and those who have awesome but not-so curated feeds. And those who follow because they are geniunely fond of a couple, if not most, of your posts.

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  6. IAM GLAD THAT YOU ARE FOLLOWING MY POSTS. As you point out there is no use of asking bloggers to follows us is no use. If they see some life in our post they definitely follow us. One thing I am impressed about is posts from ‘ THE LITTLE MERMAID AND FROM THIMBUSHI WORLD, really I adore them for their expert comments and the way they blog.


  7. I love Twitter, it is my go to social media platform. When I get followed by someone or an organisation that has a huge amount of followers I usually leave it a couple of days before I follow back. I like to make sure if I can that they are following because they want to and not just to gain followers. I really like IG too and I have also experienced the follow then unfollow when you follow back, so again, I wait a while to see if they are still following. I don’t get upset or angry, if I want to follow/engage with someone I will and if folk unfollow me well so be it. Like you, I have only positive experiences of the Twitters and IG and here on WordPress. People generally are really lovely 😊


  8. Really enjoyed reading this so I am going to follow you for speaking the truth. I also wrote a post just now about unfollowing and I will send it to everyone who made a big deal when I unfollowed them, along with yours 😂


  9. Okay, first thing is that I was once one of the follow/unfollow type. (😅😅”Was”)

    But my conscience told me that it’s not the way to be in a social network. So, stopped this practice.

    Maybe now I don’t have many followers on Twitter or Instagram, but the followers adore me and I too!!

    Less but happy!


  10. Social Media platforms work differently for different people. Like one who’s successful on Twitter may not be as popular on Instagram and vice-versa.


  11. I use both Instagram and Twitter to market my blog but unfortunately I don’t get good results as compared to other networks like Pinterest and Facebook. So it depends on how you use these platforms, some may work for you while others may not.


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