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Book Review : The Experiment of Professor Polgas by Sarah Brownlee

Title : The Experiment of Professor Polgas 

Author : Sarah Brownlee

Publisher : Createspace

Pages : 388

ISBN : 9781539374169

Story (as on goodreads) :

If you were an animal, what would you be? This is the question Blaise, Ash and Dinah unexpectedly stumble upon during the summer holidays when they enter a strange internet café. A mysterious woman asks them to take an online test to discover what animal most closely matches their own personality. They are happy to oblige. Online tests are always fun and this one comes with its own special perks.

But what they don’t realise is that not far away, in the heart of London, a mad professor is watching them. Professor Polgas is preparing something; something that will change them forever; something that will have them on the run for their very lives …


The story is quite extraordinary I must say. The blurb was enough to throw considerable light on the plot but I was amazed by the art of storytelling and the way secrets unfolded. The story itself is unique and that’s how it immediately earns a point. I have been infatuated with the idea of spirit animals ever since reading The Golden Compass and watching those commercial ads of Magnum Ice creams Release the beast ad, so this one had immediately grabbed my attention, being different from the former manifestations.

Ash, Blaise and Dinah are not just a simple trio. They fight for their rights and stand up to bullies, raise their voices (and hands!) against racism. As the story commenced, I grew fonder and fonder of the bond they shared. Blaise and Ash are siblings, so it’s not unusual for them to bicker at each other all the time. But then the concern they showed for each other at moments of sheer crisis says it all. That’s how extraordinary a sibling bond is.

I adored Dinah’s character the most though. Not that I disliked any of the others, but Dinah was a lot more relatable to me. She’s quiet, sweet and thus considered the timid of the lot but the extraordinary courage she showcased during incidents uncalled for, tells us about her admirable nature and the outer-wordly kindness she garners.

I believe this book has the potential of being listed with the other mainstream books that people rave about all the time, because trust me, it is that good! I laughed out loud so many times. I definitely loved the humour even on utter serious moments. I loved the writing style, narrative and absolutely adored the characters.

I would rate this book 4.75 out of 5 Stars. I wish this wasn’t a standalone! I mean I would have loved the prospect of a story into their future, but it was all over by the time I reached the epilogue. Perfect closure. *cries miserably in a corner*

So now you know how good this book is. The Experiment of Professor Polgas is fast, witty and unique! Be sure to buckle up for a thrilling adventure and prepare your bellies, because they are gonna hurt. 😉

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About the Author :

Sarah Brownlee is a Young Adult and Children’s author based in London, England. Her debut novel ‘How the Wolf Lost Her Heart’ is a YA Paranormal Romance set in a grim, futuristic London where thugs and criminals run the city and Morphers (people who can transform into their spirit animal) exist. Its sequel, YA Fantasy Dystopian ‘How the Tiger Faced His Challenge’ was released in October 2015 and centres around a city at the brink of civil war. In 2016, she released her first children’s novel ‘The Experiment of Professor Polgas’ which tells the story of how Morphers came into existence.

When Sarah is not writing, she can usually be found walking dogs, battling the forces of darkness and dreaming of living in the beautiful English countryside.
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