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Book Review : Watermelon Snow by William A. Liggett

Title : Watermelon Snow

Author : William A. Ligget

Publisher : Sandra Jonas Publishing

Pages : 229

ISBN : 9780997487107

Story :
Deep within the melting Blue Glacier in the Washington wilderness, climate scientist Dr. Kate Landry makes a remarkable discovery. Determined to conceal it from colleagues eager to steal her work, she must somehow distract the behavioral scientist NASA sends to study her team.
From the moment he sets foot on the ice, Dr. Grant Poole finds himself in a strange world of unexpected beauty but fraught with extreme dangers he has tried his whole life to avoid. Greeted with suspicion, he soon realizes Kate is hiding something.
When a mysterious illness strikes her crew and an intense storm engulfs their tiny research station, Kate can no longer shield the truth from Grant. Thrown together in a struggle to survive, they are trapped between keeping Kate’s secret and protecting the lives of thousands, even millions.
Time is running out. Can they find a way to save everyone and still preserve Kate’s discovery?

Review :

Okay, so I’m literally losing it right now. I mean what did I just read?! This was insane! In a good way, obviously. It’s hard to conceal my excitement. This is the best book of 2018 that I have read so far. Okay, enough with the babbling now. Let’s get to the review.

Kate is a woman I’ve come to admire so much. Not because of who she is, a scientist that is, but how imperfectly flawed she appears to be. She doesn’t beat around the bush, and getting credit for the incredible discovery she and her student made in the ice tunnel is something she’s keen on having.

To be honest, I was a little irked by her. And then I realised where that came from. We expect our protagonists to be so perfect that we almost forget that they are based off real life characters. So I would say Kate was really relatable. She’s one lady to depend on, and her love and sense of responsibility towards her research students cannot be mistaken for anything else. She is what she is, inside and out and I respect her for that.

Now comes our behavioral scientist from NASA, Dr. Grant Poole who has come to observe her research. Bearing a striking resemblance to a ‘California surfer dude’, as labelled by Kate, he received quite the cold shoulder on arrival that he wasn’t expecting at all. And thus, it doesn’t take him long to smell something fishy.

Now before Grant’s entry I had half expected him to be a little grumpy, acting like a fish out of water in the cold terrain of Blue Glacier. And yet again, I was wrong! He turned out to be a softy. But don’t mistake his tenderness for his weakness, for he is a man of firm resolve. I can’t call him an eye candy, but he’s definitely a reading – candy!

Now just because I focused on our protagonists, it doesn’t mean the other characters had little role to play. I really liked Ben Johnson, the chief ranger of Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Centre. Unlikeable at first, he turned out to be quite a fine man. And Frank, oh Frank! He is so sweet, he almost broke my heart.

The story is incredibly well researched. All the scientific facts are mind blowing and is a nice source for adding to your general knowledge. It’s tremendously fast paced and I literally couldn’t keep my eyes off the book! The plot is taut with adventure and suspense and the climax is just enough to blow your mind off for good. When you’ll learn how apt the title WATERMELON SNOW is you’ll fall in eternal love with this pink hued snow ❤️

God, I would rate this book 6 out of 5 stars if I could! Seriously, this book needs so much recognition. I need all of you to read it. I’m at a loss for words right now, just take my word for it and go ahead and read it guys!



I received a copy from the publisher for an honest review for which I’m highly thankful to them.



Check it out on :





About the Author :

Bill Liggett writes fiction that blends behavioral and earth sciences in the new cli-fi (climate fiction) literary genre. His goal is to paint a hopeful future, based on solutions to global warming. He holds a BS in geology and an MA in education, both from Stanford University, and a PhD in applied social psychology from New York University. Among the many positions he has held over the years, he taught in high school and college, conducted behavioral science studies for IBM, and consulted with health care and educational organizations. Wherever he lives, he loves being outdoors. Home for him has included the West Coast, East Coast, Alaska, and now Colorado, the state of his childhood. He and his wife, Nancy, live in Boulder.

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