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Book Review : The Gnome Exchange Program by Matt Caliri

Title : The Gnome Exchange Program

Author : Matt Caliri

Publisher : Sweetwater Books

Pages : 260

ISBN : 978-1-4621-2012-3

Story :
There’s only one person who can save Christmas this year, and it’s not Santa Clause. This year the fate of everyone’s favorite holiday rests solely in the hands of a twelve-year-old gnome named Geronimo. Luckily, Geronimo is no ordinary gnome. With his wits and daring, he should have absolutely no trouble tracking down the evil Krampus and bringing him back to the North Pole.

Review :

Let me get this straight. A Christmas story, with a gnome in the centre? Woah, count me in! That’s what I had felt like when I picked this up. But I always had the thought that it’s supposed to be a children’s book at the back of my mind. But woah woah woah, let’s slow down before jumping into conclusions!

Now the gnome Geronimo is cute as a button. He doesn’t like the idea of an exchange program, but he has to oblige as it is an order by none other than the great Santa. He is quiet, vulnerable and nervous, yet when he learns that this is way more than just an exchange program, he does not think twice before jumping right in.

And then comes the PBCC. Want to know what that stands for? Why, the Polar Bear Country Club of course! They are Krampus’ alliance and Geronimo needs to get to these gnarly, furry, dimwit oafs and retrieve the map to Krampus’ Castle. Sounds easy? Well at most, they just might want to eat him.

In this hilarious tale of an extraordinary gnome’s adventure, I found myself reading, laughing, gawking and laughing again! Now did the polar bear really use the word ‘bull jazz’ to curse? Hell yeah, he did! πŸ˜‚

I loved all the characters! I even loved the delusional Krampus who falls asleep on his invisible donkey only to wake up in the river! I hardly can contain my laughter as I think about it again and again. Little Eleanor, who is on the top of the list of bad kids is clever and craves for attention as she’s most of the time left alone by her busy parents. She is good friends with Geronimo but is she saved eventually? You just have to read to find out. And the mysterious wizard Ned. He has a subtle role to play.

The novel is so adorable that I would recommend it to all of you who would like to have a good laugh after a moody day. I would rate it 5 out of 5 cute stars. Anybody with a taste for adventure and a need for reconnecting with his childhood days should read this book. I promise, you will keep it close.



Is there a Christmas story you would like to recommend? πŸŽ„ 😊



Thanks to the author for a copy!



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About the Author :

Matt Caliri was born in New Orleans, LA to a family of ruffians. As lovable and courageous and enchanting as they all were, he knew he was the roughest of all the ruffians. He moved many times growing up: New Orleans to Cape Cod to Hawaii to Rhode Island (back) to New Orleans (back) to Hawaii, then off he went to college at Loyola Marymount University in L.A., where he began writing my first screenplays. The screenplays turned into novels, and THE GNOME EXCHANGE PROGRAM was his 2nd attempt at the novel format. And now it is a bona fide book, full of comic adventure and irreverent zaniness. It beats to a wholesome drum, for ages 12 and up. He borrows a lot from my ridiculous Italian family, and all the other voices in his head.



Review by TheGirlOnTheOnGo

16 thoughts on “Book Review : The Gnome Exchange Program by Matt Caliri”

  1. Woah this looks AMAZING! One of my favorite holiday reads in the past has been β€œHolly Claus.” No gnomes who save Christmas unfortunately, but it has a magical music box and some wolves so I enjoyed it haha.

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