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Paper Nest : Eco-Friendly Handmade Paper Products

Hi Everyone, please share your ideas in the comments below regarding the conservation of our Mother Earth. What measures do you think can be undertaken by all of us to save our Nature from the various adversities, like global warming and pollution?

I would like to introduce to you Paper Nest, a new age Indian company dealing in 100% Eco -friendly paper products. In this era of profit maximisation and cost minimisation, we tend to overlook the damage we are causing to our Mother Earth. So when someone takes the initiative to change that, it is quite praiseworthy and requires all the support it could get.

Their products are made of Handmade Paper which is
1. 100% tree free
2. Made from cotton waste
3. Eco-Friendly

Their product range includes the following:
1. Diaries & Notepads
2. Recycled Paper Pencils
3. Visiting Cards
4. Gift Bags
5. Envelopes/ folders
6. They also develop and design products according to customers’ requirement.

They are working with local artisans who are expert in this field and are reviving this dying art form. Their endeavour is to save nature by preventing deforestation and increasing the awareness and use of handmade paper.

Started by Mrs. Nancy Gupta in the year 2016, Paper Nest was born out of the passion to save the environment and to promote sustainable practices. Within a short span of time, the brand has established itself as the primary choice for products made from eco friendly handmade paper.

The paper used in their products is handmade paper also known as cotton paper, which is made from recycled cotton rags and not from wood.


› Eco friendly and Recycled
› Tree Free, thus saving our Forests
› Higher tensile, bursting and strength as
compared to mill made papers
› Produced without toxic effluents and is safe from hazardous colours or chemicals
› Ecological safe alternative to mill made wood pulp paper

I was fortunate enough to have used a few of their products and would like to share my first hand experience with you all.

As you can see in the picture above, I have a few products by them.

  • White cloth bag : Made from waste cloth used in garment manufacturing.
  • Paper Pencils : A set of 10 paper pencils made from recycled newspaper, absolutely wood free!
  • Handmade paper Diary : Made with handmade paper, one can smoothly write on it.
  • Handmade paper pad : This pad comes in handy when you need to note down small things to remember, or when you need to make lists.

A few of their others products are mentioned below :

They regularly supply to corporates and institutions in large quantities.

› They also customize the products for brands and offer special pricing for bulk orders.

› They are open to sponsorships and collaborations for corporate events.

› For any queries write to them at or call them at 98552-21241

Where to Buy :

Their Products are available online on


› Their products can also be seen on their Social Media Handles :

› You can also reach to them on Call/Whatsapp on 98552-21241 and they can send you all the details and product.



About the Founder :

It was Nancy Gupta’s Passion to recycle waste into wonderful possibilities, which gave birth to Paper Nest where she decided to bring forth the need to use Handmade papers in our daily Lives. Nancy has successfully completed a certified course in Handmade Paper Making from Kumarappa National Handmade Paper Institute, Jaipur to understand the detailed aspects of paper making by hand.
She is an avid Nature lover and her main aim is to go forward and make a positive impact on the society and the Planet.




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